MEREDITH STOUT ROMANCE – Cyberpunk 2077 Full Story

Cyberpunk 2077 Full Meredith Romance
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MEREDITH STOUT ROMANCE – Cyberpunk 2077 Full Story

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Comment (34)

  1. I noticed she says something after the romance scene (when the screen goes dark) but I'm not a native English speaker and couldn't understand what it was very well. Maybe someone could tell me?

  2. funy idee i had and not relevant to this video bit i thin vick the ripperdoc is voiced by the same dude that does general tulius in skyrim.
    and yes meredith is one of my favorite charc in this game.
    she is a hard ass but i like her honesty.

  3. The fact that she was barely even in the game shocked me, I thought she would be our connection to the Corpos. I honestly feel like CDPR wasted her character.

  4. This game is a trial ripp off to us fans! What's the point of rivalry between militech and arasaka if you only get to focus on arasaka main plot? This is stupid! Hope they fix the goddamn game with DLC!


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