Modern Warfare: All MAJOR Changes In The Latest Update

Here’s everything that changed with the NEW Update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare! ○ Subscribe and join the Immortals today! ▻ …

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  1. I bet they will release the ump .45 and vector in season 2 but will rank them in the 50-100 tier and call them "FREE". I feel the sbmm is apart of their micro transaction practice s because playing sweaty matches almost doesn't give you that many points to progress. The longer it take to progress,(especially if there's a timer for the battle pass), most likely will force a person to purchase the remaining tiers to unlock that item.

  2. They’re doing the same shit apex did, and now they’re gonna start losing players because they don’t drop anything new and the battle pass is pathetic compared to what’s available in the store

  3. Hey bro. Was just wondering if you’re having the same problem with completing the challenge mark 15 enemies with recon drone? Apparently it’s a bug. Needs fixing with recent update before the end of the season haha

  4. Yet again they take away the only fucking playlist worth a shit… RIP shipment 247 until we meet again…. I'll play something else… fucking game is ruined by campers and snipers with no life


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