Modern Warfare Battle Royale Gameplay – Let's Play Call of Duty Warzone on Xbox One

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s brand new Battle Royale mode has dropped and best of all it’s standalone and free to play for everyone. Boasting up to 150 …

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  1. This game brings way too much mixed feelings. Multi gameplay seems pretty good but I'm not sure if I'm ready for so much lies and Pentagon propaganda contained in the campaign. Russian highway of death?!? I only remember highway of death in Iraq and US warplanes executing thousands of civilians fleeing that highway…and hundreds of burned civilian vehicles. Obviously media showed mostly those two Iraqi tanks and army trucks that were caught among civilian cars and school buses used for evacuation. US killed thousands of people that day…but Russians!!! Russians everywhere!! ….even ender my bed

  2. I've never played MW (because I'm terrible at first-person games) but I was completely gripped watching this! One day, Mike, you will have to tell me how you talk and play at the same time. Whenever I livestream, I need someone to monitor the chat for me or I fail magnificently at the game 🙂 Great vid. Thanks!


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