Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath – Before You Buy

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch) is here to expand the character roster and the story. Is it worth it? Let’s talk.
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  1. No mention of them resetting the augment system … so, effectively throwing away all character customization progress up to that point. They did basically the same thing, back in INJUSTICE 2 … after nearly a year of progress, they updated the game and made all the older gear obsolete. So lame. Done with NRS. Done with WB.

  2. Worth every penny for me. No developer makes fighting games like them. Their single player content is the most expansive out of any in the entire genre. They laid the blueprint with MKvsDC on how to do this correctly and games still can't get it right. Look at Dragon Ball Fighterz. A fantastic fighting game but the single player story is very poorly done. Not cinematic in any way.

    The free parts of Aftermath are substantial along with the whole slew of balance tweaks. The paid portion is pricey but the extra characters and the incredible story was worth it.

  3. Typically overpriced by Boon and Co., with yet more corrupt initiatives to make money without actually confirming to people what they are buying.
    I have no idea how Netherealm manage to get away with it so easily, without any spotlight on them at all.

  4. 40 dollars is a bullshit look a this I bought the game originally for 60 then the kombat pack for 40 and then they want another 40 that would be 140 plus tax that's ridiculous fuck WB always pulling this garbage

  5. Fuji is basically a typical manhua cultivator. Shiva sucks as a fighter, story sucked because of how stupidly predictable it is, you have to be 10 kinds of dumb to actually try to make this story believable, yet WD did it anyways they deserve 10 thinking man statues out of 10 for this debacle. The only cool thing about this expansion is the 3 dlc characters, that you tube spoiled month before the game released. Other then that it’s not worth shit honestly.

  6. Big no for me. Spent enough on the premium game and to have to pay another full price game almost….. No thanks. If this 10 to 15gbp I would say yes. But double that! No no no no no!

  7. Is this literally just the same game with more stuff or is it only the add on? Bc I’m kinda upset if I bought mortal kombat and now I have to buy it again to finish the story

  8. They crazy $40 for expansion of story and only 3 characters nope thats a rip off plus im getting told by all my friends its not worth it they said ending to aftermath was horrible ill just buy characters individually not paying $40 dollars again.

  9. What an awful BYB. As expected from Falcon of course. Fujin is a huge fan favorite. Most of the community is against guest characters over old fan favorites. Like Robocop…who the hell asked for him in an MK game??


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