Mortal Kombat 11: DreamHack Atlanta 2019 NinjaKilla's New Main

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  1. Nothing wrong with switching it up. I’ve even started considering it because after a while everyone knows how you play and can either counter you or just know the best defense against you. I honestly think ninja is amazing

  2. I think boths players hit a total of 4 buttons not including walking around i have never yet to look at this game and be like WOAH WHAT WAS THAT ! DANG THAT WAS GOOD ! Just people walkin around hitting 3 buttons amd people over using the word neutral smh

  3. Lmao to everyone acting like he’s tier whoring, Liu is indisputably the best in game and everyone know him, so him picking up Johnny is just strategy at this point, I mean what’s the alternative? Exclusively playing the best character in the game? That sounds even more try hard

  4. This comment section is a fucking mess, all this Sonicfox vs Ninjakilla shit is tiring, we got people calling one another a faggot, a nigger, what the fuck is wrong with the MK community.

  5. Sonicfox = gt goku

    Ninjakilla = Uub first appearance

    Ninjakilla out here playing to win prize money to feed his family back home.

    Sonicfox out here having fun with the kid trying to bring out the best in him.

  6. I think it's a sign that the 18 yld Ninjakilla starts to really enter the tournament scene. Before he was just an ordinary dude (except with talent) like me and you playing the game that he loves for fun, with the Kung Fu characters that he likes (Law in Tekken and Liu Kang in MK). But from now on it seems like he is gonna treat this game like a career – not playing a character that he enjoys, but playing the character that would be a good counter to his opponent, (like pro players) and also look at his cloths, does he have a contract now, got a sponsor?

  7. All I see is people claiming sonic copy? Are we forgetting sonic copied kombat who was an original Johnny main from the start and what convinced him to pickup Johnny was getting whooped by ninjas Liu kang exclusively to counter pick him. Cmon sonic has been picking up characters because of other people. Jaqui over coach Steve, Jax over gunshow, Johnny over kombat. Sonics original self influential mains were skarlet, kabal, and Cassie.

  8. Lmao I knew he didn't really love Liu Kang, there's all the proof you need right there, trashy Ninja just bounces from top character to top character, the second Liu Kang has an asterix about being the best character, he switches to what everyone now believes is the best. Fucking pathetic. Any placings you get with Johnny, I wanna see you kiss SonicFox's feet for founding Johnny.


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