Mortal Kombat 11 | Español Latino | Kabal Trailer |

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Mortal Kombat 11 | Español Latino | Kabal Trailer |

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    Kabal just massacred their asses!!!!The badassery is strong with this one 😎Ed modeled his helmet design and overall attire after the desert inhabitants of Star Wars known as the Jawas🤓
    The former enforcer of the Black Dragon and Kano's right hand man turned swatsman reformed alongside fellow member Kurtis Stryker,further leading to his current role as a drifting warrior after Outworlds invasion during mk9.I believe RedHood's(from injustice 2)voice actor is also voice acting as Kabal in this,the voices sound to similar for this not to be true💯

  2. Me encanta como todos los comentarios de MK en latino son super positivos con el juego y los actores de doblaje y los vídeos originales de EEUU todos le tiran mierda a todo sin siquiera haberlo jugado.
    Por eso nos quieren más a los fans latinos


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