Mortal Kombat 11 | Español Latino | Shao Kahn Trailer |

Siendo sincero no me convenció su voz, hubiera estado mejor la de Juan Carlos Tinoco.
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Mortal Kombat 11 | Español Latino | Shao Kahn Trailer |

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  1. Outworld was originally supposed to be of Baraka's race but was later developed into the Tarkatans so technically yea still his race considering the fact that they're all practically identical to Baraka whom they're all overseered by.
    The idea of all inhabitants of Outworld being Tarkatan was later dropped however Tarkata should be associated with the realm that only they roam💯It was originally stated that Shao Kahn is a demonic character, and his monstrous visage from the official comic books,as well as mk Shaolin Monks lends credibility to that.
    However,in the most recent games he appears to be more along the lines of a large,powerful half human half dragon hybrid.
    His face has only appeared in Shaolin Monks,in which he is hit with his war hammer and his helmet breaks.
    In MKII,Kahn was digitally resized to a taller height to make him tower over the playable characters in mk1.
    The actor who played him,bodybuilder Brian Glynn(who "couldn't believe" he was going to be in a!MORTAL KOMBAT!game), was not nearly as imposing in comparison,a photograph published of MK co-creator Ed Boon standing side-by-side,which was snapped during production of the game,showed that Boon was taller.
    In many official depictions of Shao Kahn made by Midway,he is shown wearing a cape though he never wore one in his original digitized appearances.
    MK Deception was the first time in which he wore the cape in-game!MORTAL KOMBAT!sound designer Dan Forden explained that the reason for Kahn not wearing the cape in earlier games,in addition to Kabal not being able to wear a trenchcoat in MK3,was that loose flowing clothing took up to much memory for the old school video game graphically creator engines used for most of the earliest games produced during the series.
    Shao Kahn's special moves consist mainly of powerful shoulder barges,magical spear projectiles(respectively dubbed the spears of suffering),and attacks with his signature giant maul,respectively dubbed the"Wrath Hammer"In some of his appearances as a boss,blocking Kahn's attacks will stun the player.
    Since his debut,his signature tactic has been taunting players before,during,and after rounds with such statements as "Feel the power of Shao Kahn!", "Bow to me!" and "It's official, you suck!" & my personal favorite "You weak pathetic fool!"
    Shao Kahn makes his first appearance in MK comic books during the Battlewave miniseries by Malibu Comics,though he already was present in the first Blood & Thunder.
    Shao Kahn remained mostly faithful to his game counterpart,being the Emperor of Outworld and attempting to take Earthrealm for himself.
    In Battlewave,Shao Kahn would arrange a different plan to open the portals.
    He kidnaps Sonya Blade and by means of hypnosis and brainwashing convinces her to marry him,the marriage would weaken the barriers between realms enough to allow Shao Kahn to seize Earth easily (and make Sonya the queen of both realms and his wife).During these two series,he never appears wielding his trademark helmet (instead,he is always shown with his visible face and design taken from the official mkII comic by John Tobias),and he is seen wearing his helmet only in the comic Kitana & Mileena(according to which he actually loves Kitana more than mileena unknown to either of the two).
    Shao Kahn appears in both!MORTAL KOMBAT!films.
    In the 1995 first movie he is referred to simply as "The Emperor" and makes a brief appearance at the end,as a special effect and voiced by Frank Welker.
    Kahn (his name,incorrectly hyphenated in the closing credits of Annihilation,was additionally misspelled as "Shoa-Kahn" on the DVD release's fight scenes menu), played by Brian Thompson,is the main antagonist in the 1997 sequel,mk Annihilation.
    In the film he fights Raiden,Johnny Cage and Liu Kang.
    He brutally kills Johnny Cage in the film's opening scene,murders his own allies Rain and Jade in cold blood and then Raiden (later brought back to life) near the end prior to his final fight with Liu Kang.
    In addition,Kahn and Raiden were portrayed as brothers,with Shinnok as their father though neither of them shared any relation in the games (with the exception of MK vs. DC Universe in which Raiden's biography states that the two are brothers,although the game itself is non-canon).The only subplot taken directly from the games' storyline was his past relationship with Kitana and Sindel,a segment in the film featured Kitana, imprisoned in Kahn's fortress,mentioning the destruction of her family and Sindel's subsequent suicide under his rule.
    Shao Kahn was played by Jeffrey Meek (who also played Raiden) in the TV series MK Konquest.
    Despite having lost much of his physical stature from the games and movies, the character has a much more threatening disposition,serving as the mediator of the Mortal Kombat matches.
    Meek played opposite himself in the series finale, where Kahn battles Raiden in a void seemingly between the realms. With Kung Lao dead,Shao Kahn forces Raiden into submission and commenced full military assault on Earthrealm.
    The series was discontinued following this event.
    He also makes several appearances in the cartoon series!MORTAL KOMBAT!Defenders of the Realm,in his usual role of Outworld's emperor and the leader of enemy forces.
    He was voiced by John Vernon and Michael Des Barres in separate episodes.
    Aleks Paunovic portrayed an unmasked (human) Shao Kahn for the web series MK Legacy  two-part episode "Kitana & Mileena",dealing with his early rule over the conquered Edenia and an alternate version of his relationship to Sindel,Kitana and Mileena.
    I think it was super cool and ironic that the has him destroy good Raiden in this trailer instead of Dark Raiden,it just makes sense,he is definitely gonna be one of my main in his game and definitely looking to be a problem for any mothafucka that wants that work in mk11 👍🏾💯😁💯👍🏾

    They stayed true to his roots while still adding a fresh new modernized feeling to him in order to trully fit in with this new installment and I can't help but love that shit even on down to his winning pose which is an homage paid to his old school arcade pixelized days winning stance followed by that evil laugh OMG I just had a nerdgasm just now dude🤣😂🤣
    Shao Kahn debuted as a video game announcer introduced in mklI, and is a recurring character and antagonist of the video game series and extended franchises.
    Shao Kahn is depicted as a brutal warlord who is the Emperor of the mystical realm of Outworld.
    Feared for his godlike strength and knowledge of black magic,he seeks to conquer all of the realms of the!MORTAL KOMBAT!universe and merge them with Outworld.
    He is one of the most celebrated villains in video games.
    While he is noted as a difficult boss, publications and critics have praised his design,in-game abilities,and mannerisms—particularly his tactic of mocking and taunting players.
    Prior to the events of the game series, Shao Kahn was Outworld's protector and an advisor to the realm's ruler,Onaga. Eventually,Shao Kahn poisoned & brutally beat Onaga to death later exiling his soul out of outworld into the Netherrealm,later claiming his throne and his armies.
    Kahn continued to add lesser realms to Outworld,including Edenia whose queen Sindel and princess Kitana were forced to be Kahn's wife and personal assassin,respectively.
    Sindel killed herself to escape Kahn,who keeps her soul in Outworld.
    Kahn first appears in mkII as the game's final boss and main antagonist.
    After the crooked tournament Grandmaster Shang Tsung and his warriors lose to Earthrealm in!MORTAL KOMBAT! Kahn invokes a tournament rematch clause which will allow him to take Earthrealm immediately if he wins. Though he lures Earth's warriors to Outworld to kill them,he is defeated by the Shaolin Monk Liu Kang,which halts his plans!MORTAL KOMBAT!3 features Shao Kahn as the final boss again.
    The game's story sees Shang Tsung resurrect Queen Sindel in Earthrealm,allowing Kahn to reclaim her by invading Earth which is a violation of Mortal Kombat tournament rules.
    Billions of people are stripped of their souls to empower Kahn and then he merges Earthrealm with Outworld.
    Kahn then sends extermination squads to kill Raiden's chosen few who were protected from this fate.
    Eventually,Liu Kang again trounces Kahn, and he and his Outworld armies retreat, restoring Earth and Edenia to normal.
    After being absent from!MORTAL KOMBAT!4,Shao Kahn has a brief cameo in MK Deadly Alliance.
    The Emperor,weakened from battle with Edenia and abandoned by many of his finest soldiers,is killed by the titular Alliance of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.
    He makes a playable appearance in the Nintendo GameCube version of Mortal Kombat Deception where it is revealed that the Deadly Alliance killed a decoy.
    Kahn sets out to reclaim his empire from a resurrected Onaga.
    In MK Armageddon,Shao Kahn is playable once more.
    In the game's story,he is the ruler of Outworld again after Onaga's defeat.
    He forms an uneasy alliance with Quan Chi,Shang Tsung,and Onaga to defeat Blaze and seize his godlike powers after killing all of them in a battle to decide whom would have Blaze's power he emerged as the victor.
    In mk9 Shao Kahn is once again the main antagonist and final boss of the game's Arcade Ladder and Story Mode.
    Shao Kahn kills Raiden after acquiring Blaze's powers,but not before Raiden sends prophetic messages to his past self using his broken talisman.
    The talisman periodically informs the younger Raiden of his progress in preventing Armageddon.
    As Shao Kahn invades Earthrealm,Raiden decides not to stop Kahn's attempts to merge Earth with Outworld.
    Kahn pummels a surrendering Raiden until the Elder Gods enraged by Shao Kahn's violation of!MORTAL KOMBAT!rules,empower Raiden which allows him to kill the emperor.
    While this averts the timeline leading to Armageddon while restoring Earthrealm,MKX reveals that Kitana's clone Mileena succeeded Shao Kahn in ruling Outworld as his "daughter",before she is overthrown by Kotal Kahn his former general of his armies.
    Shao Kahn and Darkseid are the key villains in the crossover game 
    MKvs. DC Universe,though both are playable characters.
    In the game's plot,a defeated Shao Kahn limps into a graveyard where he meets with his secret ally Quan Chi.
    They are confronted by Raiden,who uses a lightning bolt on Shao Kahn which knocks him into Quan Chi’s portal.
    This event,along with a parallel one between Superman and Darkseid in the DC Universe,results in the creation of Dark Kahn who serves as the main antagonist in the game.
    After Dark Kahn is defeated,Shao Kahn ends up in the DC Universe's Darkseid's throne room,where he discovers he has lost his powers.
    He is promptly imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.
    However,his powers came back in little time and was able to free himself but also everyone in the Phantom Zone,whom pledge allegiance to Shao Kahn.
    An unmasked Shao Kahn in the mkII comic book by John Tobias shows a prehistoric dino ugly ass monstrous face completely mild to what we may end up seeing in mk11.
    Kahn's attire for mkII was developed by Mark Runion.
    Kahn started out unmasked and with large gnashing teeth similar to Baraka,since everyone from.

  3. lo que no entiendo es por que los personajes no denotan daño en lo absoluto en el mortal kombat 9 perdian cachos de piel tenian rasguños cortadas huesos al aire libre y por todo lo nuevo que han introducido creo que era un detalle que no se devia pasar por alto le hubiera dado mas realismo ya que los movimientos especiales se ven mal por que no les hacen nada pero bueno fuera de eso se ve hermoso y los fataliys se ven magnificos

  4. Me parece o este Shao Kahn tiene la boca pintada de negro? Que por cierto hasta la fecha no se sabe sus origenes, y parece wue aqui todo el tiempo esta peleando con su mazo? Si ya de por si era violento sin tener su mazo ahora imaginense ahora que ataca todo el tiempo con el maso

  5. Todos quejándose o aprobando la voz de Shao pero nadie presta atención al detalle 1:32 , que putazo más chingon que detalle, el grito de Kung Lao, por dios esos detalles cuentan, se tenía que decir y se dijo :v


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