Mortal Kombat 11 – Kombat Pack 2 Leaked CYRAX vs SEKTOR Gameplay

Thanks to PC mods, Cyrax and Sektor are playable.The rumors are true they will be relased as DLC characters in the future. They are already on Kombat Pack 2 …

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  1. I had a Fatal Blow idea for Sektor:

    The startup shot, is him burning the opponent. He continues to do that, then he teleports behind them and uppercuts them, teleports again with a drill, and cuts them with it, then slams them into the ground.

  2. I think the robots should have a full character similar to Triborg except when u have the cyrax skin it’s the voice actor of Cyrax and the intros and outros are fit with Cyrax. Same with the other robots. That would be awesome


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