Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack – Official Nightwolf Gameplay Trailer

Play as Nightwolf in Early Access August 13th. #Mortal Kombat 11 Born as Grey Cloud, Nightwolf is a proud and fierce warrior dedicated to the cause of good and chosen by …

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Comment (47)

  1. The problem with Mk11 is disgusting heavy spamming game as mkx
    No chance for close combat charcter to win
    Cetrion bitch skarlet bitch jade bitch dominate the kombat league
    And sonya bitch very strong in close combat like cassie bitch
    Mk11 bitch addition buff
    Scorpion twat and Scum SZ should be removed
    And you bring a Chinese shit shung tsung to make it more spamming
    Really disgusting game

  2. I thought of a great stage for Mortal Kombat also basically it would be on the corner of of the stage they would basically be the pit so when you're pushing your opponent in the corner they're taking damage from the spiked wall behind them but it's also close in on your phone of the losers win the match is over I thought that would be pretty funny like the winning player Jumps out of the way and leave the losing opponent to be caught by the walls caving in on him them

  3. Hopefully they bring back the stage transitions as well as leaving the brutalities the way they were because the new brutalities and want to come at 11 or really brutalities and maybe even bring back the 2B23 V3 fast pace

  4. Is there any possibility of them ever doing ultimate Mortal Kombat for the best we already have all the characters redone at this point all they would have to do is bring back the stages music sound effects and add some Target combos


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