Mortal Kombat 11 – Kung Lao Guide (Lotus Fist)

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  1. So would it be a good idea to main Kung Lao? I’m basically a one trick Noob Saibot and I Was greatly punished for it when I was at San Japans MK11 tournament. I made it out of pools placing fifth place, but I feel with a second main I could have made top three easily. Also I lost to a Scorpion main lol

  2. Im a mk beginner and happens to pickup kung lao as my first character after watching this match. Didn’t even knew that he was low tier. Having so much fun with him online i guess ill just stick regardless.

  3. The only thing you showed that used somthing variation specific was the single hat toss move that uses 1 of each bar and you lose z hat one of his best 50/50 pressure tools because of the multiple hits and if it hits low you can get a full combo, this variation is trash compared to hat tricks

  4. Playing with this dude is so difficult. Kung Lao has be my main since childhood but i feel miserable when i play him. Alot of his moves are high or unsafe. He has no string overhead. How the hell doesnt he have an overhead? His TP is dumb slow and predictable. Some of his moves take up too much bar. Going from mk9 and x to this is, just painful. I feel like honeybee right now. I will just play offline with him.

  5. One HUGE problem with 2,1 is this: if the opponent crouch blocks it will whiff. That means that due to poor design, his strongest string can be poked out of. Ridiculous, NRS. Other than that I honestly find Kung Lao to be pretty okay. His strength in this game is mobility.

  6. "Not gonna touch Hat Tricks because that variation is trash."

    Amazing how you've made that conclusion after the game has barely been out. It's actually an incredible variation, just need to put the time into it.


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