Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition: Online NA West Rewind Vs Phoenix (Grand Finals)

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  1. So mucb hate for scorpion. Yiu can defend against him but he mixs up well to where he not that shitty. He the only character i have a good rythmn with. Mk now is either long attacks or quick. Scorpion have both and his pace executing his combos throws ppl off. He has my favorite mid combo that can be pretty fast. He good no hate

  2. I hoped that Deoxys made it to GF. His Kitana and even his Geras are very fun to watch. But also Rewind and Phoenix played incredible, as well as DJt (I am a fan since MK9, but I must admit that his Baraka’s staggers are so annoying… 1… 1, 1… 1,1,2… 1… d3… grab. Jesus…) great level of play by everyone in this tourney.

  3. Who in gods name thought it was a good idea at nrs to make jacqui and sonya more powerful than someone like shao kahn? Bunch of sissy boys like steve (Stephanie) pushing this dumb wahmen bullshit.

    Okay i just answered my own question…


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