Mortal Kombat 11 – Sonicfox(D'Vorah) vs Semiij(Cassie Cage) High Level Sets

High Level Matches played on 2019.08.19 [탄자루 방송채널]

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Comment (29)

  1. This video is clearly for sonic fox, he hates the nerf given to cassie in the last patch. So him and semij are doing this for buffs to cassie. Semij as a pro can't be this bad. And sonic keeps getting him with the same strings. Fuck me you know what's coming after the 3rd match. Its about time he used block.

  2. F12~widows kiss Amplified, strepsiptera, f2~ground puddle, this jails unless they delay wakeup, but if you Amplify Strepsiptera, they have to respect the multihit. Bf4 after the strepsitera jails no matter what. D1 cancel into katipo rush catches people trying to poke back, use it no matter what (unreal but effective).


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