Mortal Kombat 11 – Sonicfox(Kollector) vs Deoxys(Geras) High Level Sets

High Level Matches played on 2019.11.23 [탄자루 방송채널]

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  1. I love sonic , no homo, But I fuccn hate with a passion Kollector!!! He’s mad strong and fast and has mad awkward moves for no FUCKING REason. Like bruh, since when he became so great that scorpion or sub zero can’t even stand a chance FOH

  2. I’ve mained Kollector since day 1. Sonic hasn’t even come close to his potential with this character. There are so many different frame setups and traps you can do with his teleport. Hope he continues to learn the character

  3. I'm glad sonic is showing that some of these characters are actually really good. Some characters that aren't really used much are the most fun characters to watch fight. Biohazard plays kano and he too is a really fun guy to watch

  4. MK11 is the first time i played moves that are typically harder for me like command grabs. And then i realise, they are so potent like its another layer of mix… Fox will either go Terminator, which has an overhead/low/command grab mix and double KB combos, or Kollector, with a 10f mid kick, 10f mid command grab, and prolly good unbreakable dmg…


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