MSI GS75 Review – A Thin & Light Gaming Monster! (RTX 3090)

Review & benchmarks of the MSI GS75 Stealth 17″ Gaming Laptop! It’s super thin, powerful with the new RTX 3090 GPU. I want to see more 17″ laptops that are this size! Watch for the full review. Is this the best gaming laptop of 2020?

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  1. I just bought one of these because of the large wide verity of ports however because of a huge design flaw this is false advertising because the placed the ports far too close together to he able to all be used. You have to unplug one plug to use another. Worse design on a laptop that I have every seen in over 20 years of using laptops. If you need all the ports advertised go elsewhere.

  2. My little advice to Matthew: please be gentle to the laptop in your review, close the lid gently instead of slamming it and produce sounds. In your Asus Zephyrus S GX701 review you clapped on the laptop monitor and that instantly turned me off. Don’t get me wrong your comments on laptops are good, just need to avoid some inappropriate gestures during your review.

  3. Performance wise its a great laptop but the build quality is questionable.. I have the 2080 max q.. 32bg of ram.. i7 9th gen…1tb storage…144hz display……theres nothing like being able to play AAA (max graphic settings) while waiting for your flight at the air port 8 )

  4. Just bought the gs75 with the rtx 2060 (not the max q version) for $1799 on Amazon and so far I love it. As long as I'm above 60fps on games at ultra I'm happy and so far it's done just that. Awesome laptop for the price.

  5. There's also the 1660ti version of this msi gs75. At a lower price (around 1700-1800$ now).
    But I'm more curious if the build quality of the "cheaper" models is the same as the "high end model".

    All youtube reviews for gs75 have been on the rtx 2080, the, the most expensive version.


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