My Lightroom & Photoshop i9-10900k PC Build Update!

I finally have the time and the funds to upgrade my work PC before this crazy wedding season hits. So I figured I’d jump all the way in and upgraded to the Intel …

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  1. Awesome video and great setup. I just ordered a new PC tonight with 9900K – can't wait for that additional processing power. My MBP just can't handle the amount of work I've been throwing at it and 4 cores feels like ancient technology at this point.

  2. I bought the latest Core i9 MacBook Pro (2,3 Ghz up to 4,8 Ghz), i'm essentially working with Photoshop / XD. It looks Photoshop is mainly using one core.I'm working with dynamic images, exporting for the web, it's always slow. I have to wait for a basic 3000×2000 image in a webdesign hero banner. Photoshop is using 100-115% of the cpu. It's annorying because the cpu is almost always in idle. Howerver most of Apple native apps are using 250-400% of the CPU when needed… Maybe Ps CC is better on Windows or NVIDIA GPU.

  3. did you notice if the sliders render a smoother output on your screen when moving them? One thing I find annoying is when moving sliders around in Bridge or lightroom on a big monitor its not smooth, its very choppy at least on my i7 quad core Please share your comments from your experience with the new PC

  4. That's crazy but you are on the safe side with the i9 to much money for me, but you can get an i5 8C/12T. Nice built I hope you enjoy it I am trying to figure out what to buy I will be using Photoshop/Lightroom on 2 monitors 1 4K and the other 1080p so I think I will go with
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 – 16GB Memory – AMD RX 580 8GB – 2TB Hard Drive + 240GB Solid State Drive

  5. Good video 👍🏽. Are you using the PC still with iPad Pro / Lightroom ?? Are still editing on iPad?? Just watched your other vid on editing with LR on iPad. About to upgrade 2011 Mac Mini and deciding between 2018 Mac Mini, iMac or PC build. I love my Apple eco system now. Hobbyist looking to do more weddings in 2019.

  6. Hi, thanks for this video ! You are mainly speaking about improvements in your import / export process after your upgrade. As a hobbyist I have only a tiny fraction of the number of pictures you may be dealing with every week, so I don't really care about that. However, I do really care about speeding up the time spent waiting in the develop module. What would be your advice to optimize hardware specifically on that module ? Lightroom is really a pain… I only use it because of the seamless integration with my iPad Pro. I guess that as soon as some competitor (Serif / Affinity ? Capture One ? ON1 ?) releases an iPad app I'll be out!

  7. Sweet setup man! I've been eyeing your pc rig for a bit and had a hunch you were running hackintosh. Glad it's working so well for you. I've been doing the same for a few years now and while it's not always smooth, that dual boot can be soooo versatile for a workflow (and gaming 😅). Enjoying the vids, killin' it man 👍

  8. Thanks for making the video! I’m trying out capture one right now. I’ve never used Lightroom before. My old workflow was adobe camera raw and photoshop. Capture one is kicking my butt lol but I’m slowly learning it… I might try Lightroom after my free trial to see which one I prefer. I see that you have a dual monitor setup. I got a lg 4K but I might take it back for a dell..or BenQ. Which monitors did you go with? Thanks!!


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