NEW Call Of Duty 2021 DELAYED AGAIN… (Black Ops: Cold War)

It seems the new Call of Duty 2021 also known as Call Of Duty BLACK OPS Cold War is going to be delayed until August according to the leaks on twitter.
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In this video, we’re talking about the brand new leak for Call of Duty 2021 that pretty much confirms that COD 2021 Call of Duty BLACK OPS is being delayed. No, not the original black ops, but instead a soft reboot like what we saw this year with Call of Duty Modern Warfare. So, if Black Ops is confirmed to be Call of Duty 2021, that means we’re probably going to see the return of classic fan favorite characters like Woods, maps like Nuketown, and modes like Zombies!

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NEW Call Of Duty 2021 DELAYED AGAIN… (Black Ops: Cold War)

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Comment (39)

  1. Man you know they aren't gonna let a good pandemic go unwasted. They have a universal excuse that most people will believe you know they gonna use it. Their games are never finished when they do release on time.

  2. Mw2 is what people need lol the ability to destroy everything but not destroying it lol. It eventually got better with noob tubes. The maps are made well enough that you can get around the other problems

  3. If the new cod is good like modern Warfare that was almost perfect. I hope to God they don't have dlc packs you need to download to play campaign, multiplayer, and spec ops because I can no longer play modern Warfare anymore because of the missing packs that's no longer available anywhere in the store for me to download. I haven't been able to play the game since May so modern Warfare is clearly a gone and dead game for me now because it's no longer playable

  4. Maybe modern warfare is wildly popular because it’s not a cartoon? Like all the other CoD’s? Don’t know about you but I want a CoD that’s realistic, I want to feel like I could really be there. Not flying off the walls and using laser guns that have no recoil.


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