New *CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR* Multiplayer Gameplay LIVE!

New Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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New *CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR* Multiplayer Gameplay LIVE!

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  1. 4:51 Angola central Africa is a little name the real name is angola-zaire border region it's in central Africa there is the cfa forces contract forces of africa there's rogue coyote and there's one pass security forces they are all forces and private companies and there's the soviets in afghanistan i know all of this from METAL GEAR SOLID 5: THE PHANTOM PAIN

  2. Do why are you using a draco with the wrong but and why are you using a girl character man and why are you using that trailer that tried to kill your character and why did you choose to kill Mason that's messed up bro but you couldn't just go down and let Mason stay alive bro what's really going on and why are you using a girl character do you know you got the Draco that is automatically a drunk web come on now

  3. Like out there out there for far as guns and stuff the MP5 is one of my favorite guns is hand-to-hand combat and you have to have a silencer you know people ain't going to hear you comment and then they got all like listen where y'all gunfire is coming from especially no more people like normal people have a zero tolerance and they've been playing Call of Duty for so long they have by the instincts of of of of the other player and just like in skateboarding games if I am stator in a and in your mind you can skate and then you just have an instincts of killing and a game and you know what to do and you need the edge so the silencer is going to give you the edge tell you that bro is a good gun but to have high tolerance AK-47 and surprisingly now the Draco is in the game and then if you have a lot of people coming out to you the machine guns with the 40 cal drum and Lease you going to need that for a 50 cal drum m-14s and I would like a big Call of Duty game to come out where they have like the whole United States what they have now with us just now in Miami but all chaos and AI in the game fighting against you and that AI helping you that's how it is but Call of Duty is he got shot to three times your dad and it shouldn't be like that you know you should you're in the military you have body armor you're wearing body armor the Call of Duty is up there Entourage with Grand Theft Auto at least I got to give me new Need for Speed is good but then I'll Call of Duty is a way better game is like Need for Speed is good but Call of Duty is a fantasy for Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto is a fantasy for Need for Speed but there is better cars in Need for Speed that we want in Grand Theft Auto but in a we were we were still fantasizing and also we still get two for two but you need to call answer bro

  4. I had the silencer on it that they can't catch you bro but this game is better is one of the best Call of Duty if you can have multiple guns that's what's up AK-47 M14 side gun Draco MP5 and then you can pick multiple guns what you want this is what we've been asking for but the game is like trippie I get the game but like I can't even read that much I use a computer to talk but you know LP by LP LP Ripper scared now yeah but you know you're way better than LP Ripper but Ultra it could tell and then black panther I don't know about him being in Call of Duty but you just beat the the hardest game right now I will get this game but I wouldn't play it I would only play it for free roam fighting with friends but you know I have somebody like beat the game for me and then I sponsor with the the the the trend the I'm a medical patient so I can say that so the herb and the drinks and the food and let somebody help me beat the game but like just to get all the guns in single player like I wouldn't reply to game for story mode single player is better online

  5. Hi tg I love your vids watch them everyday it would mean the world to me and many others if you could please bring back "GTA 5" like if you agree please


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