New Diablo 4 Pic Analyzed; Star Wars 1313 leak; Half-Life Alyx review scores are great, & more…

New Diablo 4 image teaser; Valve says Half-Life Alyx will be modded be played without VR eventually; Doom Eternal breaks records; Wolcen update on upcoming content; Gamestop posts net loss of $471M and set to permanently close over 300 stores; GDC summer 2020 coming in August; Half-Life Alyx review verdict: critical success; new Star Wars 1313 leaked screenshot; new Path of Exile patch 3.10.1.

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Time stamps:
Gamestop: 00:57
GDC 2020: 01:40
Half-Life Alyx: 02:02
Doom: 04:03
Star Wars 1313: 04:40
Path of Exile: 05:20
Wolcen: 06:43
Diablo: 07:08

Gamestop closing:
GDC Summer 2020:
GDC talks:
Half-life Alyx without VR mod:
Doom Eternal breaks records:
Doom Eternal Steam players:
Star Wars 1313 leaked screenshot:
Path of Exile resource:
GGG working from home:
PoE 3.10.1 patch notes preview:
Path of Exile 3.10.1 patch notes:
Wolcen stream with David Brevik:
New Diablo 4 artwork:
Diablo community manager Brandy Camel leaves Blizzard:


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Comment (49)

  1. Sorry but i am at that point where i simply dont care, i mean i rly do not care about Diablo 4 or any blizzard game.

    I dont see the need for there games anymore, POE is better than ever, they even release 2.0 at around the same time as blizzard release D4

    Overwatch 2 is another money scam like warcraft 3 refucked.

    World of warcraft? 😂😂😂😂
    Its a damn grindfest and lock content behind a rep far fest. Arcane grind and too easy to beat bosses no fun raid and less and less players on realms, its a big ''NO GO''

    New World from Amazon looks great though, i will have to try that out 😊

    Blizzard has fallen guys and girls and it is time we all admit it.

  2. limitin factor is that the game is 60€ and I can't afford to buy 20€ game and I own htc vive, not sure how good/bad that would be as all youtubers I so far saw playing use the new index 🙁 I should find someone showing the differences

  3. i love to think about the primevals as if they were real. Like, not demons, but try to imagine or embody and contain all of humankind's Hatred, Fear, or Denial and Wrath. Like, you know what it is. You have the full knowledge of everything these beings possess, and relate it to how powerful the idea is in reality… I mean if you can. IDK. when I think about it sometimes, it goes deep. Like, you'd think I'm crazy if I go any further, and I'm just roleplaying. lol. so I'll just stop there. Either way it's just knowledge and feelings. I'm not actually talking about demons. lol

  4. I like to play around with the idea that Belial made up d3 to vanquish Diablo, just so that lesser evils may find a way from the hell they were pushed to in d2.
    I mean, that game was such a classic that people are still stomping it. Art should not be taken literally, and even if it's a game and games should follow their themes and story in new chapters, well if you use bit of your imagination you might just be able to do it.

    I think it was funny to have to fight against Belial, and be done after few shots.
    Why would they want us to push Diablo down again? Maybe the grasp of the old classic was turning into cinders.
    Easy candylike fun what d3 was, which was fun especially with few other nutcases who would race it with me.

  5. Would you think that it would be a good idea to make 2 factions within diablo 4 to create PVP and rivalries AKA the ZAKARUM and the TRIUNE , players could choose their alignment a bit like star wars old republic ( light or dark ) and unlock skills or appearances unique to these cults

  6. Nevalistis, if you happen to watch Rhykkers video and read this:
    Thank you so much for everything you've done for the Community! <3
    I wish you the best of success and fun at WotC. Remember to always roll critical. ;3
    (Also, loved that Critical Role reference in your post: "Take a chance, roll the dice.")

  7. I think Lilith and Inarius will be removed from the game
    Diablo taking Lilith's place, Baal and Mephisto will be needed for this to happen, by alliance, as a team, with Diablo absorbing their powers, or they will serve diablo
    Then we could see Inarius be taken by one of the known archangels – or by "most" of the known archangels
    And they will see Sanctuary, as the biggest treat. The Endless War heaven and hell are having will be put on pause, and they will both individually seek to destroy Sanctuary, and in some cases (maybe last act) they might team up.

    Or at least thats what I'm hoping for.
    We always knew about the angels and archangels, but up until D3, the archangels knew of Sanctuary… But they didn't really give a fck about the place.
    And in D3, they got invaded by Diablo. And Nephalems just.. rolled in, swooped the place, and went to Westmarch… It wasn't even our final destination.
    Then, we went ahead and slapped some brown pants onto Maltael – one of the most powerful archangels at that time, if not the most powerful.
    I'm fairly certain in Heaven will come to realize, the Nephalems can very well wipe both , Heaven AND Hell. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in Heaven thought it might be a good idea to bide their time, to attack Sanctuary, when they already have their hands full of demon guts.


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