New ending found on Battlefield 2042 (8 years later)

The moment I saw the saw the #Battlefield2042 exodus trailer I knew i had to go back and play the #Battlefield4 campaign. To be honest, its been so long that I’d forgotten the amazing job DICE did with the campaign mode. Now we know #BF2042 is a sequel from the fan favourite Battlefield 2042 I couldn’t be any more excited. The ending his video I added some creative freedom. I hope it gives you all a bit of a laugh.

Please will you take the time to rate the video with either a like or dislike. Maybe leave a comment of your favourite part.

Thank you all, You’re Legends

Peace, SQUID G

New ending found on Battlefield 2042 (8 years later)

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  1. Squid. I’m pretty sure u know but if you don’t give Hannah Or Irish the charge and just wait. The massive boat that pac is on Explodes.. I’m sure you know just thought I’d mention in case anyone didn’t lnow

  2. The helicopter and the swimming are now bugged in BF4. DICE broke them with patches and never fixed them. There are videos on how to get past them on YouTube, though. Just didn't want you to think that it was SQUID that was failing (well, except for that first grenade launcher miss, haha), when it was the game being bugged.


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