NEW Marvel Avengers Looks GOOD! New Loot, Customization, Open World and Gameplay! (3rd person ARPG)

Marvel Avengers revealed a ton of info and gameplay for this new ARPG! I’m talking loot, customization, skill trees, and group content. This game surprised me that it wasn’t just a beat em up game.

Marvel Avengers is an upcoming ARPG from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics that lets players choose one of the Avengers to customize and battle against MODOK.

Full Video:

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Comment (41)

  1. Add more heroes is what I want. Make this the new Marvel Heroes, but in 3rd person., I wish they would have bought the costumes from Gazillion and added them for extra $$ in the cosmetics, or if they would have given them as mission rewards etc.

  2. I've tried not to get on the hype train for this game but seeing as marvel heroes is still my favourite game of all time, even after 3 years of being shut down (RIP), I'm hella excited for this. I'm not overly concerned about story, more interested in the loot, build aspects, customization and combat. Would love to see maybe some sort of raid activity at some point. Fight through maps with bosses until you reach a mega boss stage. So yeah, all in all as much as I want to be cautiously optimistic, I'm at full speed on the hype train 😂 fingers crossed I'm not disappointed

  3. Imagine taking the same engine, allowing you to create your own hero, and turning it to a MMORPG like DCUO. I would literally give my 2nd born, along with a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos to see that come to fruition ong.

  4. I was a lot more excited about this game before I knew Kamala Khan was one of the main characters. It's a massive red flag when they make one of the main story characters a boring piece of shit no actual fan wants or cares about.
    However I no longer trust anything Disney has its tentacles on to be decent, so it's probably a good thing that her presence made me skeptical about the quality of the game.

  5. Hopefully the cast from the Avengers movies will be VA's for the characters they've portrayed or no bueno for me.
    also: it looked like Thor called out to Heimdallr for him to use Bifröstr, kinda cool because I cannot understand why Thor would wield another gods gift even though this is Marvels take on the Aesir.

  6. If this game is released as a game-as-a-service, then its a hard pass from me. I will never trust a game-as-a-service that is based on a Disney owned IP, given how they did Marvel Heroes dirty. Years of effort by the devs, gone. Money poured into cash shop, wasted. That game is nothing but a fading memory and when Disney pulls the license from SquareEnix, so too shall this game be.
    Especially with the base game being $60, I will need assurances that the game will always be available to play.

  7. Modok is aim to be honest. Also I saw the game show and I was not impressed. I really believe this will be a meh game. I really think Marvel left its mark on it. Whenever they get involved with development they micro manage games heavily. So I will be on the fence until I see it in action. Ever since Anthem I dont trust demos no more.

  8. I watched the reveal, but i honestly am not exited afterwards,not to mentioned how they casually said most skins would be in the store…
    I think this is their attempt to copy some of Warframe's(or Destiny's) system and success with the Marvel License, but i don't feel it has eneugh content in the long run to keep ppl playing unless u are a hardcore Marvel fan(wich i'm not)
    So i'm sitting this one out, got plenty of other games to play and this one i won't need.


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