New Player Thoughts on Realm Reborn | Final Fantasy XIV

Recently got into FFXIV and became a Catgirl.


0:00 Intro
1:48 My Character
2:40 Game Population
3:55 Gameplay/Combat/Dungeons
5:40 ARR MSQ rant
7:13 Post-ARR MSQ
7:40 MUSIC
8:45 Conclusion

Final Fantasy 14.

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New Player Thoughts on Realm Reborn | Final Fantasy XIV

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  1. FFXIV: Hello Warrior of Light, savior of our world. We urgently need your assistance taking care of this evil that will soon destroy our realm. We have only a small amount of time so make haste to this new evil!!
    Also FFXIV: Warrior of LIght, before you save the world, can you go talk to this old Lalafell pimp with 6 women fanning him in the sun and run six zones over to fetch him a bottle of wine? After that, we have rats plaguing our crops. Please kill them and we'll give you enough money to almost by a weapon you surpassed 15 levels ago.

  2. There is a shortcut to the Waking Sands! Teleport to Limsa then take the aetheryte to the Arcanists guild and then take the ferry from there and youll get there way faster if you don't have anymore tp tickets

  3. Have played it for a week and at lvl30 really feeling the burn out from arr, its suck a slog with boring writting. The combat is very dumbed down too, its just spamming the same 3 buttons, dont know why the dev would want a player to go through all this. Literally the only thing that keeps me going is that it gets better later but my god has it been a shitty experience

  4. as a 11 year wow player, so far the fetch quest are just way to simple, even relaxing, fuck im considering quit wow, ive likes the basic story (still on trial) its refreshing that MY CHARACTER is showed in the moment and not like in wow we F killed zandalar king but jaina (who isnt even in the room) takes the credit, my main issue right now is, ima neet man, working from home, not many friends and in wow im also alone, hard to start talking to anyone too, thats a mess on me

  5. As someone like you, who has played innumerable mmos ever since childhood, I joined xiv back in the arr beta and began doing all I could to help new players. Seeing someone else with the same background made my day, and I hope (seeing where your newer videos are) you're still enjoying the game!

  6. i agree so much with the music part! you can tell the devs truly put so much love into this game. the music is also so well thought out and crafted it’s insane

  7. You can also take a ferry from Limsa Lominsa near the Arcanists guild aetheryte and it takes you right to Vesper Bay that houses THE WAKING SANDS. I wish someone had told me that when I was a new player.

  8. I didn't know Twintania had that Limsa Catgirl culture
    EDIT: thank god you actually visited newbie hall and recorded that because so many people skip it and are absolutely clueless about the most basic of basics

  9. As someone who had to do the 100 plus missions of hell to get to heavensward I am do glad they cut that out to new players do not suffer. Glad you stucj with it! Earned my sub


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