New World – Major Changes From 2021 Preview To Now (July 20th 2021 Beta)

New World opens the floodgates on July 20th 2021 for beta testers, basically anyone who pre orders the game. This test runs until August 2nd. Full launch coming August 31st. This video is just to touch on some of the major changes between last time you likely saw/played New World back in the summer preview event and how the game has changed until now. Enjoy!

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New World – Major Changes From 2021 Preview To Now (July 20th 2021 Beta)

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Comment (23)

  1. old classic Dungeons & Dragons Online getting new pacthes, events and content this month.
    N.A. Aion 7.9 version has now Server wide Buffs on: 300% XP , 200% Crafting points, 200% drop rate increase, 200% AP (PvP Battle) Points
    This event lasts until August 18th. This is not classic aion though.

  2. Spoiler alert: The combat felt crap and floaty due to the removal of stagger. Left click spam fest that costs no stamina. Blocking is useless, attack track WAY too much and it's just…not good combat.

  3. Holly Trinity based? Those always end up in queues. I'd much rather having something like GW2, also all that land conquest is probably not gonna work well long term, if I can reference GW2 again with its WvWvW mode, problem is in New World that isn't gonna be a detached mode. On the up side I love the visuals in New World, both technically and from a design perspective, all the armor and weapons look functional, unlike on GW2 where everything is over designed and silly cartoonish. I'm just not sure the gameplay on New World is gonna be able to retain a critical player mass 2 or 3 years down the line.

  4. How is the itemisation, do items actually matter or are those really minor buffs like in albion higher tier gear was maybe 5% upgrade. Is it worth pour hours and hours to get some sweet gear, to feel almost like god among men or is it just like 10% better than some average joes items.

  5. not gonna lie you are one of the very few (less than 5) youtubers and mmo's reviwers that i truly believe every single word about any game! keep the good work up my man!

  6. is there much credit to those that are saying the game bricked their 380Ti and 3090's? thinking large current spike fried the cards, and not just a single person.

  7. All these actually make me wanna give it a shot. But man… 3 skills only..? I like action combat systems but thats just WAY too dumbed down. I dont see how it can be any fun, at least for me. I dont really miss the days of 4-5 actions bars filled with skills but this is too simple.

  8. Played the beta for 9 hours… and i will never touch the game again. Combat, pvp and visuals are great but everything else is so dull. Crafting/harvesting is just a huge timesink, and it's so clear it was built just to have QoL in the cashshop. Doing the same quests over and over again, fighting the same enemies over and over again… :/ really wanted to enjoy the title but they made it impossible. Running-simulator and on top of that they have the nerve to have specific math for teleporting instead of gold.

  9. Been playing it a bit and the animation lock combat and movement are so disjointed. A lot of the systems are impressive, but the whole issue with combat is not one likely to be fixed.


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