What’s up guys? Mcdoubles back again with a brand new video! Today we’ll be focusing on the recent WoWServers Reddit drama surrounding the brand new Vanilla+ Server and a potential smear campaign against them by the Nostalrius Reborn team.

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Hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to leave a comment and add to the discussion! What do you guys think is happening?

Is Vanilla+ safe?


Scared of Vanilla+ Client ? Ok let’s just use a sandbox then ! from wowservers

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  1. If you think an MPQ file used on any server with modified either models/ui or anything not modifiable through c++/database work. Is a botnet. Then stop using emulation servers.

    An MPQ contains adjustments and/or additions to dbc files which are the root of the game client to read data from. It will find for example new talents as V+ provides.

  2. Apparently reborn tossed a bunch of chat logs from 3 days before those messages then revealed just those chat logs. Seems pretty likely that reborn's scam got overshadowed hard by V+, and the salt made them just wana take it with them.

  3. make a video please about LH and admin Whitekidney, i hack his copy paste stolen nostalrius core and he didn't notice for 2 years, because he was busy selling gold and accounts, video proof is there i level in under 24 hours to level 60 +++ I SOLO GARR BOSS 2 years !!!! after 2 years he learn how to read logs and started to ban my gold customers, so i started to give FREE items in mail , trade, ah to random players… and YES because he had low brain he started to ban them for REAL MONEY TRADE (my video 7:41) 💖 most of people didn't notice he was online on his cracked server 24 /7 and spam 4/5 FRESH servers without players even entering in Naxxramas raids………..and the reason why he spam fresh was because of the new hype and 500 $ fresh level 60 so he can sell…..

  4. I've heard sh*t like this before , "Ooooh Ascension's game exe and launcher are mining cryptocurrency" , same with WoW Freakz and other popular private servers with a custom launcher/executable. Truth be told you could check everything very easy. But who bothers, better cr*p on someone's hard work cause its easier.

  5. This Reddit Shitstorm is the most stupid thing I've ever thing I've ever seen on the internet.
    It's just bullshit.

    Just hope it will be like Trump, bad buzz got him elected after all 😂😂
    Vanilla + is fine, it might turn out to be tottaly unbalanced and unfair server. But it's fine, and the devs are not idiots or hackers.
    ( they are shitty communicant, but meh, who cares )

  6. There is no controversion in that situation! That's an obvious smear campaign made with fake accounts/bots and even with the usage of fake server(Reborn). Tomorrow these bots will spread fakes about you and you would call it "controversial"? These guys are creating 2-3 fakes against Vanilla+ every day for like last month.

  7. V+ uses a default Vanilla client with an additional mpq file. Even if V+ turns out to be a fraud there is no way an unmodified client with some additional mpq data can be a malware. Closest thing to a code that could be stored in mpq is Lua for addons it isn't enough to keylog or botnet you through the unmodified WoW.exe

  8. Hmm blizzard with 100000000000 bots and multiboxers and releasing content faster then a fart in the air and they put everything on EZZ mode + I got to pay for it VS a privat server with (none) of those things but one or two of the admins there sells gold and I do t have to pay to play there + all the BFA noobs won't be there since it will mainly only be true vanilla fans like we saw on old p servers. Yeah I think I hope on P server again if I get the chance !

  9. just some information to drop here as well. the MPQ files for V+ are accessible for download already and have no signs of malicious files or anything from what we have seen in the community.
    second, there is a LOT of beef between this server and the reborn failed project which we know for a fact has been trying to ruin the launch for V+ for some time now and a lot of accounts being used to slander the server are from the same people over and over again. Another thing to note which you did not look at AT ALL is that the so called reborn discord which "suddenly" was opened up to see the admin channels were purged so you could not see any of the prior messages before the implications of V+ in a scandal.
    your detective work on this one was not fully fleshed out and as someone who bolsters the modded Pserver community i do think you did not try hard enough to validate anything you once said.
    further more if you want to look at sketchy Pservers your new series on turtle wow should have you shocked as well considering torta' the lead is actually part of the failed Pserver which you stated on this very video, along with her (from what i know BF?) is also a gm/cm. Please reconsider your views on V+ or at least, re-examine your claims on its "sketchyness" while also looking into turtle wow.

  10. If you're planning to play V+, do it on a Virtual Machine, virtualbox works fine, use whatever you like. There's too much shit being flung around to not be careful. Back up the your VM's registry, you can check for inconsistencies that way. Don't get scammed by russian scriptkiddies for no reason

  11. i hope its not true, this has to be one of the best servers coming out since classic. the truth is private servers have and always be corrupted by greedy people,by somone looking to make money ill hold off as well thanks!


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