NZXT H1 Case – PC Build w/ Ryzen 3950X & RTX 3080 Ti

The new NZXT H1 small form factor case is here and PHEW is it something. Let’s do a full gaming build in the super compact ITX case! Review drops Friday!

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  1. Love the Vertical form factor – That's why I bought a Xigmatek Nebula years ago – but it was limited & internal design was not great and could not accommodate a large GPU… The H1 is similar to Shuttle XPC's in the sense it's pre-wired & includes cooling solution & PSU – I still use an XPC as a Retro Rig with GeForce 4 TI 4200… The only thing that I would have liked to see on the H1 is a removable panel on the back to route my rad tubes for my Hybrid GPU & mount the rad/fans on the back 😁

  2. What about the USB-C in the case? Will it work with only the USB3.0 connector? That motheboard does not have USB-C front panel header and the case has 1 USB-C cable connector for the motherboard.

  3. randomfrankp – I saw a video earlier with an NZXT white case but it had white led ram and white led cable covers, can you post a link to that video? Oh, it also had a NZXT Kraken

  4. It's really pretty, but I'll never do an ITX build ever again. I hate compact builds and all the hassle and heating issues they come with, and I hate liquid cooling even more. Air coolers these days are much quieter, safer and more efficient for the buck. I'll give them credit that this looks much easier to work in than most ITX cases, but still scarred. Full ATX makes me happy, and if you look for a bit, you can find manageable smaller cases for said mobo size. Maybe if you weren't gaming, fine, but it's just not worth the extra 6" of desk space I lose.

  5. On the NZXT website, it says the case has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C on the front panel. Did you just leave the cable hanging? I don't believe that board has a header to connect that to.


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