Optimal Settings for Smarters

This video shows you my recommendations for optimal settings to use smarters with your TV provider.

Optimal Settings for Smarters

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  1. This app IP Tv smarter keep on auto appearing on screen by itself why? When I switch on my tv this app appear itself on my screen how to fix this? Plz note I am using free version

  2. Hi Chris. Thank you so much for this.
    I could not handle the buffering situation any longer😩
    VLC as well as adapting the settings the same as yours has helped in terms of playing the movies, close to perfection. However, the audio is all messed up now. So it will play like the music maybe & some back ground sounds, although the main speaking is silent!? 😳
    Please will you help me, what is the problem?

  3. Hi Chris. We seem to be getting an error message on some shows, not all of them. It says ‘The location cannot be found’ or ‘multi media cannot be played’. Any idea on what is causing this or what I can do to rectify? Thanks

  4. Hey I keep getting playback error not and again any idea what’s causing it as I tried clearing cache to no effect and restarting modem and stick, it comes on every now and again but any app like YouTube no problem only iptv with my express Vpn

  5. Great video thanks. the only thing that is needed with this app is to make new folders as I want to be able to categorise my favourite channels into groups like News, sports etc

  6. Thanks for the video, Chris. I am having an issue with streaming a channel where it starts streaming well for a minute, then all of sudden the channel freezes for 10 seconds then streams for 5 seconds then freezes again for 10 seconds. I find this annoying and I am wondering if you have any tips to fix this sort of an issue. Thanks


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