OUTBREAK Trailer | Season Two | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

Welcome to a massive new Zombies experience like you’ve never seen before.💀

OUTBREAK launches in #BlackOpsColdWar on February 25.

OUTBREAK Trailer | Season Two | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

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  1. Hallo activision bitte bitte mehr von outbreak in Form wie wow und the last of us! Ihr bekommt es hin es wird immer besser !! Endlich mal ein Zombie pve Game danke an euch hoffe ihr bleibt da dran und es kommt viel mehr auf uns zu !!

  2. Picked up Cold War in a sale. With the franchise since COD 3 on the PS2 when I was a kid. Zombies never clicked for me due to the "you don't win, you just do slightly better each time" style of it in World at War and subsequent games I tried.
    MW3 survival was the only horde mode I ever enjoyed before but Jesus christ is this new zombies mode great.
    Being able to call it and exfil is excellent! The loot and explore aspect of Outbreak as well as actual objectives feels great!
    Also I actually understand Pack-A-Punch, perks and the need to restore power in zombie modes now since it actually explains it now 😅 felt too obtuse in older games for me 🙈

  3. How awesome would it be if they add a new mode in which multiple squads of 4 players land in a massive zombie map and have to survive zombies and each other. A new zombie themed map the size of these fireteam maps, or a bit larger; have players have to loot, find weapons, and upgrade while exploring the map and surviving random zombies; also, if players run into another squad, they can either survive together or fight each other for weapons, gear, perks, etc. Like a merger of multiplayer and zombies.


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