Parler v. Amazon Dies. Is Reborn!

The Parler suit (for being kicked off the platform) gets dismissed, only to be refiled in state court. Will it survive?
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Parler v. Amazon Dies. Is Reborn!

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Comment (38)

  1. i never read the amazon contract.
    and i'm not a lawyer.
    but i do know a few things:
    the leadership of amazon is greedy and rapacious.
    rich, rapacious people have very well compensated and competent lawyers.
    a competent lawyer would make sure the contract was as advantageous to amazon as possible.
    being able to immediately terminate service to anyone for any reason, is something i would expect to be in the contract. seems like one of the most basic things….

  2. 07/19/2021 – Amazon: "Our terms have changed. Any dispute or claim relating in any way to your use of any Amazon Service will be adjudicated in the state or Federal courts in King County, Washington, and you consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in these courts. We each waive any right to a jury trial."

  3. Parlor was following the same restriction of speech that most TV companies used, parlor was actively working with the police to turn over data that could be used. And Facebook was where the protest events were planed. Amazon was stupid in banning parlor, but it wasn’t illegal.

  4. Parler is basically 4chan, people log on specifically to be as extreme as possible. 4chan has the anonymity that encourages asshole, and parler had the fact that only other right wingers interested in behaving ludacrisly will ever see what's posted on it. There a parlerwatch group on reddit but that's about the monitoring I've seen that isn't just a left wing indoctrination tactic.

  5. J: So, counsel, what is this about?
    C: Our client's users First Amendment Rights! Wait, no it's about Amazon and Twitter conspiring! Wait, no that's wrong too it's about Amazon being mean and forcing our client to face the consequences of their own (in)action(s)! No… wait, I got this… yes! That's it! My client instructed me to say they didn't make as much money as they wanted, Your Honour!
    J: Counsel, you are aware that this is a court of law and that none of these have reasonable justification to brought before it?
    C: REEEEEEEE, Your Honour! My client's and I couldn't possibly be at fault because then we'd be wrong!

  6. About the Spring issue. In France the 3 main telecom operators (Orange, SFR, and Bouygues) were found to do just that. It wasn't possible to prove that they did price fixing however there were evidence that the 3 companies were exchanging a lot of business data that would hinder competition among themselves. They all got a hefty fine of 534million euros, however the operation was still beneficial to them in the end since it is speculated that they made about 1.5 to 2 billion extra thanks to those practices.

    Proving that there is conspiracy is quite the burden especially since in the case of giant corporation, as they often own the communication channels.

  7. Another frivolous right wing lawsuit. They probably just hope to get a financial settlement with Amazon wanting to avoid the cost of trial. However, Amazon has plenty of money and Bezos hates Trump, so yeah.

  8. When I heard parlor would try sue amazon I actually laughed, imagining being the main cause of a terrorist act and then trying to sue the black ops who stop you (black ops- amazon)

  9. Parler showed Americans what true free speech is. The problem is Americans don’t want free speech. They only want to be able to hear what they agree with. If you want to be able to say what you want and be free to be able to say it then you need to give that same ability to those who you don’t agree with. People should have the ability to say what they want if free speech is to exist. That includes speech we don’t like, on both sides.


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