Patch 7.2 In-game Cinematic – A Found Memento: Raising a King

In case you missed it or want to see it again, check out this ending cinematic for the Alliance only questline, A Found Memento to see Anduin rise to the new challenge before him.

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Patch 7.2 In-game Cinematic – A Found Memento: Raising a King

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  1. Genn: "My boy, you don't need to see this."
    My character who has been around since Vanilla, watching Andiun grow up: "Yes he does. We can no longer protect him. He is the King now."

  2. Dear Blizzard: Just confirm that Anduin just class changed to Paladin. You ain't fooling anyone anymore. He wears full plate armor, has a TWO-HANDED Sword (Something Priests can't use) and likely got some serious melee skills now. You might as well.

  3. It is possible that Anduin entered Heaven (The Plane of Light's Captial Domain) to meet Varian for one last guidance. This is similar to how Harry Potter met the deceased Dumbledore in the afterlife.

  4. I think blizzard is sending a message here…

    I know a few morticians and they deal with body's what came out of fire's, train collisions or car accidents. It sounds cruel but they advise the family to look at the body's of their loved ones. Sometimes it can be traumatizing but in a lot of cases it helps with grief and closure.

    It is the same with Anduin. He needed to see what happend to his father to get some closure. I think a part of him didn't wanted to believe what really happend so he couldn't started to grief. Facing reality is hard and painfull but it also gives comfort and a reason to move on.

    Sorry for my bad english writing skills not my first language


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