PC Perspective Podcast #580 – DLSS 2.0, Shadow Rock 3

NOTE: Jim’s audio feed had some level issues that weren’t discovered until after the recording was completed. We’ve done our best to correct the issues but you …

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  1. I don't think Half life is gonna be as notable as the first just cause it doesn't do anything new, or atleast not in the first 7 hours anyway. It seems to just be redoing all the other games with AAA money. If they got this out before like Boneworks and other games they really could of been known for more but hey since its still a new meduim this will be peoples first interaction with VR so maybe it will still be held in that regard

  2. the future is…
    DLSS (or similar AI interpolation) + Ray-Tracing + Photogrammetry (where applicable)… I wonder how far DLSS can go. We really don't know. The trade-offs for VIDEO compression which has similarities was that PROCESSING power would go up with compression too so while the algorithm may improve we'll probably see diminishing returns to implement it on current cards. Hard to say.


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