Piecing Together The Blackwater Massacre – Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. I've hated Micah ever since he forced me to gun down that village. But I never suspected him of being a rat until he approached us with a "Peace" Parlay from Colm O'Driscoll. From then on, I never fucking trusted a single word he said.

    When I read this Journal the first time, EVERYTHING flew into place. It was always him.
    Right from the Moment he joined, it was catastrophe after catastrophe.

  2. I think rdr3 will be about the van der linde gang before everything fell apart. You’ll be playing as Mac calendar and since all red dead protagonist have to die the story will end with the Blackwater massacre. This would not only give insight to the Blackwater massacre but also insight on a largely unknown character.

  3. I think Micah was just the type of Character that wants to sow chaos. He likes to hurt and control people. And I think he probably wasn’t working with the Pinkertons directly the whole time but he definitely was working against the gang. Really I think a good argument could be made that Marston or his wife betrayed the gang. I know there’s no direct evidence of this but there are a lot of “coincidences” and the fact that the Pinkerton directs his attention to Marston and says he doesn’t know him is odd. Lie why say that in front of all these gang members unless you’re trying to give Marston a cover?


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