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The real Mortal Kombat 11 fixes will come at a later date.

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  1. My favorite character in Mortal Kombat is Reptile.
    But with the new timeline the character more or less doesn’t exist in the story.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with he was the exception, but many other characters and plot lines are not handled well, completely inconsequential, or discarded, like the Revenants, Ermac, Dark Raiden respectively.

  2. Revenent Liu Kang: your incompetence led to our deaths,
    Dark Rayden:Shao Kahn's violation of the rules forced my hand, I did what I had to do in-order to prevent Armageddon, I mourned your deaths, I truly did, but given the choice between you and preventing enterrealm chaos, i would not hesitate to make the dance choice

  3. It would've been so awesome to see a match between past Kitana and present Revenant Kitana, with the present going to kill her past, but past Mileena steps in and kills the Revenant.
    This will then allow the newly Kitana Kahn see that her sister is a respectable person who saved her from death. So she asks Mileena to be her personal bodyguard, this in turn allows Mileena a better story by keeping Kitana safe but still being a strong fighter

  4. Surprisingly I usually care about the stories but for Fighting games I just don’t care. They don’t need to be all that well written just have 2 characters put in front of each other and give em a reason to fight.

  5. I'm really disappointed that they never did anything with the idea that Kano had a son they established in his MKX ending. I mean come on, they had the chance to give the baddies their own version of a Kombat kid and maybe even given Cassie more of a chance to develop as a character by giving her a Sonya/Kano esque rival.

  6. Also, perhaps a little in story explaination as to how, why Cassie's voice is different??? I prefer her MK10 voice BTW❣ Maybe a combination where, she alternates between the VAs of MK10 & MK11 voices???😎
    Also, why's Noob Saibot's voice drastically different. His MK9 voice is what I'd prefer as well.


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