PS4 and Xbox One Are Holding Back Cyberpunk 2077 – Up At Noon

CD Projekt Red’s gritty and futuristic open-world RPG might have been here a little sooner if it weren’t for those pesky launch consoles from seven years ago.


PS4 and Xbox One Are Holding Back Cyberpunk 2077 – Up At Noon

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  1. It’s pointless playing the game on Xbox and PlayStation 4. By the end of the game it won’t let you free room. It’s keep putting you back to menu. So you can’t really finish the game in. That case if you wanna keep playing without finishing the storyline

  2. Im not get this game wen it come out it a let down game.

    rock star f up on 2 of games .how the ps4 and Xbox for this game in April to know u can't play it on there now.

    Like he said no one got a ps5 wen this game come out . Money lost ,pre order lost, funny that is I know this game was goning to be shity on the ps4 and Xbox

    There in bed wat them try to sell as many ps5 and Xboxs for them by the delay 🙄

  3. Those consoles are not even out yet and would not have been before the 3rd release date this is 100% marketing wankery to hype grab for a console launch. The stockholders deserve the 30% drop for letting the marketing and suits at CD project red do this to the launch it is bad enough to have delayed it from April to September but to delay it again from Nov to Dec when they had already tweeted gold version is at the presses is just asanine.

  4. Weirdest explanation ever tho since this game has been in development for the old gen….. and now all of a sudden this gen is holding it back while its perfectly fine on next gen ?

  5. I would imagine the game is going to run at 720p on xbox one. 900p on PS4. 1296p on PS4 Pro and 1728p on xbox one x. 4K for PS5 and series X.

  6. The thing is that nextgen specs are softly finalized pretty early on, but they are not locked in until much more last minute. For example, PS3, at the last minute, switched from a dual Cell format to one Cell CPU and one quickly acquired off the shelf GeForce GPU…which wasn't even optimized for console/ TV, so games, early on, suffered coloration issues. Namely muddy flat colors.
    Moving forward, Xbox One responded to PS4 with a last minute clock boost of the EDRAM, CPU and GPU. I've also heard dev comments suggesting that "such and such" game was designed for initial Xbox Durango hardware, which eventually changed, pretty radically, mid development. I can't remember what those hardware specs were, but they apparently changed enough such that the game was no longer optimized for the nextgen console.

    Xbox 360 seen this issue. Quake Wars was optimized for 256MB of RAM. By the time the console released? It had been given a significant boost in memory. I also think that said title happened to not have been optimized for a PowerPC CPU…which must have been one of those things that changed at some point in development, as I think it had been optimized for a single core CPU and not a triple core.

  7. I mean they can just release the game for PC and next gen consoles cause idk if I'm not able to play the game rn I can just wait for the current gen version and just watch some gameplay or tips just to waste some time and get prepared for our own gameplay


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