Psychedelic Trance End of the year 2021 mix part I [ Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay edition]

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01. 00:00 Protonica – Floating Point (Liquid Soul rmx)[Iono Music]
02. 06:10 FREq – Think of a Sound [Iboga Records]
03. 09:44 Osher – Miles & More [Blue Tunes Records]
04. 13:32 Egorythmia & Skyfall – space and time [Iono Music]
05. 18:03 Symbolic And Double Click – Mental Case [Echoes Records]
06. 23:22 Ace Ventura & Darma – Acidcore (Reaky rmx)[Midnight Resurrection]
07. 29:02 Shadow Chronicles – The Matrix (Protonica rmx)[Iboga Records]
08. 34:20 Astrix & Deedrah – Gayatri [Shamanic Tales]
09. 37:54 Sideform – Angaraka [Digital Om]
10. 42:45 Shadow Chronicles – Black Magic Woman [Future Music Records]
11. 47:00 E-Clip – Streamline (StarLab rmx)[Digital Om]
12. 51:43 Vertex & Vice – Out Of Orbit (Side Effects rmx)[TesseracTstudio]
13. 56:27 Side Effects – Night Creatures (Helber Gun rmx)[Iono Music]
14. 1:00:27 Allaby, Bedders – Hollywood [Nano Records]
15. 1:04:40 Side Effects & Sonic Sense – Ayahuasca [Iono Music]
16. 1:08:53 Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul – Neurochemistry [Iboga Records]

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Psychedelic Trance End of the year 2021 mix part I [ Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay edition]

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  2. music: same great as always. gameplay: see many whores screwing or wanting to screw and too much zombies pretending something I do not know what they want

  3. Nice to hear still real psytrance in 2020. In most of the cases there is hard prog or hard minimal in the sets which has nothing to to with the psychedelic base of this music. Your mix is awesome, keep on going 🙂

  4. You're a very erratic driver – you can barely maintain your lane and several times throughout the video, you went above the posted speed limit. You could have killed someone! You should have your driving privileges revoked until you can learn how to drive properly.

  5. 12,000 views,why doesn't the rest of the world get this music ?? I mean,wake the faack up people!! Second time listening, even better than the first!! Just noticed the video, didn't know they had a camera following me all that time!! Spooky!! Glad to help. (P.s. 12,000 views only 5 ads so far) a tiny price to pay for. MAXX MUSIC,! Yah,man! I'm not even high, this is gonna be a great day!!🍸🗿


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