I tank a lot so I am going to be ranking every single tank in battlefield 5 from worst to best today. Also doing the community choice ranking with results directly …

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  1. Everything wrong with this video:
    1. The tiger irl has much thicker armor than the Churchill.
    2. The Churchill game carrier would be better if DICE would give it the 32-pounder.
    3. Snipping aircraft with a tank is not OK.
    4. I don't remember, but if he said that the Archer is faster backwards than forwards. Then he's wrong, gun was maunted pointing the rear.

  2. Excellent analysis. My ranking is very similar and it shows on my in game stats.

    1. Valentine is undoubtedly the best tank.
    2. Panzer 4 would be the best tank if not for its slower RoF
    3. Tiger. Cuz tiger. It’s large profile and speed keep it from the top.
    4. CC Mk7. Really a toss up spot between the Mk7 and Tiger. Latter eats tanks but I’ve had more strategic success with the Mk7.
    5. 38T auto cannon, camera spot, and s mines ? Bye bye infantry

  3. Your forgetting tanks sights. The sights on the Valentine which are two intersecting lines meeting in the center are absolutely lethal and the best Tank sights in the game. I snipe people from insane distances like 2 miles constantly and I once went 62-0 on Aerodome just by sitting on the hill above the German hanger flags. Count in the Valentine comes with 32 rounds of those beauties with some good movement speed and you got the best tank in the game. Out of all my tanks Valentine gave me 3000 kills. The panzer comes in second win 2,500 kills and is a overall excellent second. The tigers great at anti tank but suffers from its acceleration and lack of ammo.

  4. Goode video for me is like this:
    1- Panzer IV
    2- Tiger I
    3- Valentine MKVIII
    5- Panzer 38T
    6- Staghound
    7- Valentine AA
    8- FlakPanzer
    9- Valentine Archer
    10- Stug IV
    11- Churchill Crocodile
    12- Sturmtiger
    13- Churchill MK VII

  5. I agree with most of the list with the exception of the light and AA tanks.
    The Staghound is a bigger target than the medium tanks, has armour made of paper mache, is bouncy as hell thanks to its wheels, making shooting accurately on the move near impossible, and does woeful damage to enemy armour. Whenever I see one it's like I've got a free kill.
    The 38T is excellent at sneaking around with its small size and decimating enemy tanks from behind with AP shells, and with good accuracy while moving and being difficult to hit, again due to its smaller size.
    The AA tanks both suffer from being almost useless against a competent pilot (I fly a lot myself) because they simply can't do enough damage to planes before their guns overheat or the plane is too far away to reliably hit anymore. This problem is so bad I would rather pick their regular medium tank counterparts to do their job with a single shot instead.


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