Ranking the Best SMGs in WARZONE with Loadouts | Modern Warfare Best Class Setups | JGOD

I give some best class setups for the Top SMGs in Warzone while giving some basic Weapon Stats in an attempt to show how they can be used to maximize their strengths ranges in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale.

Link to SMG Weapon Stats Spreadsheet:

Link to Graph:

1:39 SMG Stats
5:04 SMG Compare Graph
8:35 Class Setups

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The « Best Class Setup » Series is a series where I focus on all the on my favorite attachments for the weapon based on weapons stats and preference in Modern Warfare.

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I started Making Youtube Videos Specific to Call of Duty in August 2017.
The Content is Geared towards Helping players improve by providing practical tips and tricks, best Class Setups, and Guides.

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Ranking the Top SMGs in WARZONE with Loadouts | Modern Warfare Best Class Setups | JGOD
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Comment (50)

  1. JGOD… what about the Striker… I know that close it's not as good as AUG and MP5/7 but it really shines at 20-50m and up close it's not like it's that terrible… also if you kit it right this thing is a laser… no recoil at all… I feel that people are shitting on the striker 45 way more than they should… it's a very very versatile weapon if you can outplay your opponents… if you just go for face to face gunfights then yeah, it's not the best… but if you're going for face to face gunfights then you're doing something wrong anyway… also people should know that the range of Striker 45 with the longest barrel and mono supp is MASSIVE for an SMG… it competes straight up with almost all ARs… pretty much all ARs besides Grau that has a massive range for an AR and Scar that has huge range too but is very unreliable…

    what do you think about the Striker? Have you tried it in Warzone yet?

  2. I wish they would up the amount of reserve SMG ammo you could hold. Right now with the ROF and the lack of ammo of SMGs after 1 fight with a team you always have to go scavenging and hope that you don't run into another team!

  3. So I run the Oden and the MP7 and with this I feel you cover those long and short range gunfights. But I do live both the Aug and the MP5 so may give them a go. Superb break down and info as always J keep up the fab work as your one of the best at breaking this stuff down. Stay safe Big Daddy 👍🏻😃

  4. Hey jgod i dont know if you would see this comment but I’m wondering if you could make a video on native res vs like 4:3 resolutions in warzone and maybe the pros and cons. If the video wouldn’t be relevant and not get views then I understand.

  5. The vehicles are ruining the Solos. If the last 2 circles are in the open, it's a game about dodging the vehicles on foot. This is ruining the game. After getting into top 5, I was dodging 3 vehicles and they ran me over. This is so skillful and so much "fun". I will stop playing it until devs address this

  6. First off you need to bee clearer bout what weapon you’re talking about any given time. Say it more often. Second it’s sloppy here and there. Data rules. Like the difference between commando and merc foregrip. Test them. Give the data. The commando is supprisilgly slow to run with.
    Data facts rule

  7. Absolutely love the TTK color graph. Does your Warzone graph translate well to multiplayer? Meaning, is the graph the same for multiplayer, with an adjusted TTK value on the left? Thnx for what you do… 4SHO


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