RDR2 – Marko Dragic's Robot location

Red Dead Redemption 2 side quest. After finishing 2 missions for Marko Dragic go see his observatory again after few days. Then you can find his robot here


RDR2 – Marko Dragic's Robot location

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  1. As anyone realised that the robot's story is the opposite of Arthur's? Arthur went from the white mountains and met his fate/doom somewhere in roanoke creek. The robot went from roanoke creek to the white mauntains. Now you can let it run out of electricity (like arthur dying from tubercolosis) or we can be Micah and kill it by shooting it.

  2. Brooooo tell me why only 4.42% of the players have discovered his fate on the Xbox actually don’t lol I just remembered not even half the players made it past chapter 5 only 32% of the players made it that far lol it’s shows you just how hard the game is I’d say or that they got bored of a map being so big lol which I’m not gonna lie the 1st time I played it when I was in black water I stopped playing but I got bored and decided to play it again and I don’t regret a thing lol

  3. "A little robot boy accidentally shoots his only parent not even a week from being created, then runs away from home, collapse on a cliff a few miles away and can't come to terms with his recent actions, all alone in the world and sits on the ledge in a limitless depression repeating the name of the one and only person that gave him life and cared for him"

    Please make it quick and painless Arthur

  4. I have completed 2 mission as Arthur Morgan but i have not taken a lantern from marko dragic house, and now i playing as jhon marston.. Did that robot automatically spawn at that location? Or i must repeat that mission as marston?

  5. Yeah I just put it out of its misery. Just sitting there saying "papa" over and over, knowing his papa has been dead for awhile. Just couldn't leave it there alive. Too sad. So one shot to the back of the dome.


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