REACTION au REVEAL de BLACK OPS COLD WAR !! (Call of Duty 2021 Teaser Trailer)

Reveal du Teaser du Trailer de Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 2021 avec @Mabzouel
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REACTION au REVEAL de BLACK OPS COLD WAR !! (Call of Duty 2021 Teaser Trailer)

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  1. uys please consider important things:
    – It's happening right now in your country: the left, the democrats, BLM, Antifa, Social Warriors, SJW…. all of them are brainwashing younger generation with marxist ideology (2 out of the 3 leaders of the BLM said they were "trained marxists").
    – The fact the young americans don't really know that much about history of the cold war is terrifying. Bezmenov warned us that lack of historical knwoledge and nationalism will eventually lead to chaos in America….GUESS WHAT ? There is a vast number of young americans that will say to you that socialism and marxism is good yet they can't define it and give you an example of a country where it has worked (I'm spoiling you: IT HAS NEVER WORKED, it has killed millions of people and drove many others to poverty and flee their country).
    – The danger is real. Many people were telling to themselves during their reactions to this video that "it feels too real" -> that's an indicator that we already had suspicions deep in our mind and we connected this historical footage from 1984 to the events currently happening.
    – The danger comes from all the people i've mentionned before (the left, BLM, SJW, etc…). They are the one who wants to take down the system to create a new one. They are the one who created this who BLM crisis that spread all around the world.

    Please know your history, please do not be sheeps following other sheeps, think for yourself with the facts and the truth of history

  2. 👏🏼🔥
    F/A (PS4)
    Cod player depuis 2012
    Competitive player
    Objectif player, AR/SMG/Snip
    Actuellement sur Cod MW
    🔜 Cod BO Cold War, PS5 – cod league 2021 season

    DM si intéressé.
    Insta/Twitter: @highc_cod


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