Quick video on what’s going on with Real Debrid & what you can do to help fix the problem.

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  1. After Cinema HD updated i started having issues with Cinema HD Ive done as you and troy said to do, But now Cinema HD is giving me errors when i try to use real debrid links error code 503, the other links work tho. Ive uninstalled Cinema HD try a dif version all the same issue Now im useing Cinema HD without real debrid smh this sux

  2. There are no RD links showing up for me now. It worked great for a day now nothing. I’m using cinema with vpn. I logged on RD and apparently there are daily limits with the hosts? Is there anything I can do?

  3. Mine isn't working. No real debrid links pop up when I click on something to watch. Went into settings to find the "Turn off resolve premium links"…. and its there… but faded out. It won't let me click on it to check the box

  4. I recently started using rd and I was impressed with how easy it was to setup with add ons in kodi.

    I did notice something though as I have a sharp eye. I saw that when I stream a movie via rd and download the exact same file myself via torrent the torrent file is a little bit sharper detail then the rd stream. Is there extra compression done on the rd streams? Because even 4K streams doesn’t look that good.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience & Thoughts with us it really helped me and I'm quite sure to anyone that subscribe to your Channel they should be thanking you as well love you and stay safe

  6. I'm getting links again which is great but what I am noticing now is that most of the links are not in English. Which causing a lot of time trying to find a link in english. Anyone else experiencing this? How about advice on a fix? Thanks.

  7. Hi! When I click on the RD link…i get an error 403 message….I tried to do what was instructed in the video….but that option is greyed out for me. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  8. Love your videos! So easy to understand and apply in the real world of non-techie people. Thank you so much. Don't waste any brain cells on the stupid Grinch with the 1 down-vote. How can anyone NOT like & appreciate this video??

  9. Mines working fine now , started Thursday, although the next day I got a email from troypoint explaining this I narrowed it down to the latest official update for cinema hd , all my apps simply would not show any debrid links so I uninstalled it & reinstalled an older one & instantly debrid started working again across all apps , guess debrid does not like this new cinema hd update ? ,no problem I like the old one anyways , so if your using the latest update get rid of it & go back to an older one , worked instantly for me

  10. As usual you're looking out for us and letting us know what's happening. Great content again love it! just out of curiosity ever thought about posting your videos on Rumble? Just a though, over there you won't be told what you can post and silenced or get strikes. 🎄⛄

  11. Thanks for the video and the great information you provide. I had a error message on my cinema hd using rd yesterday saying line 1 was exempt when attempting to link to my rd account . I signed out/signed back in of rd on my phone and deleted all my linked devices and started over, checked the box, re linked to rd on cinema hd and now it works flawless. Luckily i have premiumize and all debrid also, but prefer rd.

  12. I have syncler apk installed and when there are some RD links, I click to play and a window pops up, telling me there are no RD sources, due to several reasons like my acc has expired, which it obviously hasn't.I can't play any content on syncler unless I have a non debrid link such as clipwatch and then it works every time?…

  13. Thanks as always for your excellent videos. Question what if you can't put a check mark in the premium because it's greyed out🤷🏽‍♀️ is it because you haven't logged into your real debrid or don't have an account?


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