REAL DEBRID Kodi authorize or reset

Here I show you how to authorize your real debrid account inside of Kodi. Also if your real debrid links went away, it might have been due to an update and therefore you need to reauthorize it. Follow these steps to get it done – Link to real debrid sign up

REAL DEBRID Kodi authorize or reset

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  1. Hi Rob I had a question for you been a while since I use real debrid I signed up again on my phone that's where my account is and my other devices Nvidia shield for streaming my problem is my daughter want to watch a movie and doesn't matter what movie she wants to watch is any movie basically you clicked on them I clicked on a movie and only thing available is torrent links only with real debrid I know nothing about torrent links but I click one on anyway and a message appeared saying saving download to real-debrid URL cloud try going to my phone where my account is for Real debrid the bottom is where to file name is the movies there with. A movie icon projector the download is saying 0 and it keeps spinning around from there I'm basically lost I don't know what to do all I want to try to do is get my kid to be able to stream this movie in Nvidia Shield


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