Real Debrid Signup and Payment / Amazon Pay / Convert Fidelity Points

This video shows you how to sign up and pay for Real-Debrid. I use Amazon Pay in the video but the process will be similar and straightforward for the other payment methods. This also shows how to convert 1,000 fidelity points to 30 days of premium. If you have payment issues with your card, contact your bank to allow the transaction.

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Real Debrid Signup and Payment / Amazon Pay / Convert Fidelity Points

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  1. Hello i am from india i have 1800 rs in Amazon pay and no debit/credit card attach to my Amazon pay i removed it …….16 euros is 1450 rs and i want to buy that 180 plan so if i were to try will it work or not ?

  2. I was using real debrid and a couple months ago I saw a video where if you use ip vanish while using debrid that real debrid would drop you because of the constant ip change well for some reason they would not accept my payment through Amazon pay! I used a different card and they still wouldn’t accept it so finally I said fuck um I’ll just go on without them!

  3. I've tried using Amazon Pay with an American Express gift card I have connected to the amazon account and it says payment refused. Is this something i need to contact the card company about? It's also a prepaid giftcard but idk if that has any effect.

  4. I'm looking for how to get rid of the Amazon account online how do I sign out of Amazon after so the details won't show up as I was going someone else's account up


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