Real Debrid Signup & Installation

This video will show how to signup for a Real Debrid account along with installing the Real Debrid service onto any of our M-Box Xstream media devices.

You will now need to authorize resolverURL which is authorized the exact same way as URLresolver. Just follow the URLresolver authorization instructions to authorize resolverURL.

For more information about our streaming media devices. You can visit us at our website or contact us through email.

Live TV Website:
Email: [email protected]
Live TV service: [email protected]

Real Debrid Signup & Installation

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  1. Hi happy 4th I got a question for you I signed up for real debrid again and I noticed a big change in it oh, my device is my phone which my account on and the other device is my Nvidia Shield help my kid wanted to watch a certain movie how it doesn't matter what movie it is you click it on and the only thing appears is all torrent links which I know nothing about Troy click on one of the torrent link and it's his shaving download to real debrid cloud I go into my phone where the account is and I see you at the bottom where file name is is the movie there with a Nikon projector under file name and the downloading Shane 0 and it just keeps spinning around I don't know what to do from there I'm just trying to get my kids to be able to watch the movie on Nvidia Shield by streaming it

  2. Thank's man, I've watched so many other videos and they say you have to do each app one at a time.
    I didn't do it yet but I think you said it will do other apps automatically if so I'll let you know THANKS.

  3. Most amazing and informative video. It's one thing to have the ability to always install new programs but to have this knowledge of how to use the Real Debrid is amazing. Thank you. Subscribed.


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