Realizer, Real Debrid, Premiumizer, Premiumize, & Plex

Showing the Realizer Add On that plays your cloud content from Real Debrid. I aloso give a glimpse of Premiumizer, which is the add on for the cloud in Premiumize. I also review my progress in my Plex. Here is the zip file to get the repository for Realizer & Premiumizer, just download it on your phone n put it in your google drive or drop box or use send anywhere n send it to your box n download it, the install from zip in your media center from internal storage in your downloads folder:

Realizer, Real Debrid, Premiumizer, Premiumize, & Plex

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  1. If you're using Kodi, you can also add those Realizer links to Favorites, then rename them to the shows actual name, then you'll have it handily whenever you want to watch an episode.


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