Rebirth of the Dreamer – All Cutscenes [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Lore]

Aspect of Dreams & Rebirth. All Cutscenes. While delivering a warning to the Winter Queen of Ardenweald from the Primus, we end up nursing a dreamy Wildseed. After an attack by the Drust of Thros, the Winter Queen agrees to awaken the soul of the Dreamer. Yay.

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Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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Rebirth of the Dreamer – All Cutscenes [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Lore]

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    Hiya Folks! Welcome to the climax of Ardenweald where we manage to rez a giant Brussel Sprout! Glorious day indeed.
    Overall summary. Ardenweald was a beautiful zone, plenty of great VA, with a sweet ending.
    Now can we get Neltharion to return in the next patches? He had such a great human design in Cata that never got used except for the Badlands falcon punch.

  2. You'd think with thousends of 'maw walkers' delving into the maw and bringing back souls that would solve the issue.. but of course we're not meant to think about that fact, we're suppose to only think of it as 'YOU AND ONLY YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!'

  3. I am torn between this one and your "Winter Queen Awakens Ysera Cinematic" which is better, sure second one has Rebirth cinematic, but in here you really nailed ending, where Ysera talks about her dreams and ending theme undertones it, beautiful.

  4. so they brought all the dead characters back to life, allowing blizzard to finally get their dream of monetizing wow's most popular and most marketable characters for one last hurrah.

  5. But did not the goddess Elune save her essence by spreading it across the stars? Why then did it travel to this other realm? Oh, and she said she should have helped the kaldorei, so she's taking sides with the night elves then, against the Horde? I guess if they had to, the bronze flight will side with the Horde, whom they helped recruit the Draenor orcs, while the red flight and the green flights will side with the Alliance. Maybe Kalecgos as well, because of the Focusing Iris incident.

  6. Imagine if they made an entirely new World of Warcraft game, WITHOUT the Horde or Alliance factions, and you'll be playing entirely new factions and races in the Shadowlands, trying to figure out how to solve things.

  7. Don't like this. It would be a better story if she stayed dead. Should not have characters that die in impactful and memorable moments like that return. The next time someone important dies we won't care as much because they will probably come back.

  8. 0:56 Here we go, that sloooow talk, omg :)) i can even feel her need to try to sound cool :))
    2:13 Typical villain's speech after engaging alone a group of players instead of bringing some allies.
    2:27 Try to replace the word ''Grove'' with ''Bro'' you will have a fun time 🙂
    3:48 Ysera doesn't give a damn, she named her Daughter ''Daughter'' Cenarious ''Adopted Son'' Tyrande ''Dear Friend'' and Malfurion ''Student''
    4:24 Ysera lost the ability to dodge.
    What was she trying to do, she raised her hands trying to catch it?
    4:37 After a long fall like that, how is she not dead? 😐
    4:56 The roots are entangling Malfurion's balls, he holds his neck, what, he can't breath when his balls are entangled?
    4:49 Ysera: That…FUCKING…HUUUUUURT ! ! !
    5:21 Ysera: That fall still HURTS ! ! !
    6:50 Mother?
    7:02 Ysera deflating…
    8:19 Is that dude on the left blind? 8:31 Bruh… what is wrong with them…At least run, try to dodge, but don't just stand there! No wonder Ardenweald si falling.
    9:14 he said ''Be gentle''… 9:20 Drags her down the path :))
    10:05 Here we go again… that slow talk again… Stop trying to act cool Winter Queen, you would be cooler if you didn't speak so slowly.
    11:48 Athelarius over there almost feel asleep after that loooong slooooww speech.

  9. So Blizzard received the greenlight to dish out fan service resurrections left and right? Good to know you guys are ok with transforming Warcraft lore into a comic book story.

  10. I think Ysera will be key to bringing Tyrande back and freeing her from the Night Warrior's curse. Tyrande is slowly going mad from all her losses and failures, seeing Ysera would probably help a lot in bringing peace to her soul.


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