[Reborn] Honorbuddy, Cataclysm 4 3 4 and Guide

Hey, everybody.
I’m sharing the latest version of honorbuddy for Cataclysm 4.3.4 with you.
This is the version that was released 10 days before the first MoP patch.
This version brings us a lot of corrections.
But also some new stuff like « Dungeonbuddy » and « LazyRaider ».
The meshes are more complete with great correction.
With that, you’ll find yourself in this version:
All plugins : Jumpy, RareKiller, Ultimate PvP Suite, ZapGB2Recorder, MrItemRemover…
All CC (Way too much), All profiles. All botbase works.
If you have questions, ask them on the forum 🙂

Emancipator – First Snow
Basshunter – All I Ever Wanted
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Roses (Imanbek Remix)

[Reborn] Honorbuddy, Cataclysm 4 3 4 and Guide

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  1. Hello Likon, Im gonna test it in Apollo 2, for leveling and grinding professions. Is it completely safe to use it there or they can detect it? Can you tell us your experience on that. Thank you

  2. Heloo bro i have problems with the questing profiles sometimes it goes to questgivers and doesn t take the quest just opens the windows or in zangramash goes to an npc that doesn t have any quest to give and gets stuck there

  3. Hey brother i tried to register and download it but it wont let me comment on ur thread. It says like this, You have insufficient privileges to reply here. Any help please? I'd love to try out your bot on apollo!


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