Reborn Through Failure (Original Epic Metal Song Inspired by Dark Souls)

An original song inspired by my favourite video game franchise of all time, Dark Souls.


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Orchestration, synth and video by Berthammer of Equilibrium.


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Neural DSP Fortin Cali Suite:
Neural DSP Omega Ampworks Granophyre:
Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite:
Neural DSP Parallax:

Slate Digital VRS8:
Slate Digital ML-1:

Everything recorded and produced in Cubase 10.5


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I now also have my own Patreon site. Here you can get all my covers in mp3 and full quality 24 bit 44,1khz wav files as well as a Guitar Pro files. It is still work in progress, and I will make a Guitar Pro file for all my other covers in time.


Mastered by Robin Leijon

Reborn Through Failure (Original Epic Metal Song Inspired by Dark Souls)

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Comment (24)

  1. "Reborn trough failure" is the line perfectly describing gameplay of Dark Souls. If you can tame the anger and learn something after every death, you will become a better version of yourself and gonna be almost invincible in the end

  2. I keep coming back to listen to this song. I have the mp3 from Patreon but the video is fun too. In my opinion this is the best thing I've ever heard from you, despite your incredible other songs.
    Your work is on a constant loop blasting into my ears on in my car whenever I can get a moment to listen.
    From your incredible production to incredible power in both vocals and energy you bring to every song. I'm addicted to Skar.
    Please never stop.


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