Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed in Red Dead 2’s Wild West (Part 3)

Red Dead Redemption 2 released almost a year ago, yet since that fateful October day the game has consistently been baffling players thanks to Rockstar’s …

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  1. Only a little detail but it reminded me of a childhood past time a long time ago with nothing more than a net and a jar.

    Go visit Mattock pond near Rhodes and stand in the water by the northern part of the pond. Just stand there upto your knees in water in 1st person, watch the water and wait. Its a pretty simple touch but wow, 40 years past flashed before me.

  2. correct me if you have these details
    1- If your horse is dirty and it starts raining, it gets cleaned by the rain
    2- When you get hot, your character becomes visibly more sweatier
    3- After skinning enough animals, people will start questioning you on all the blood you have on you
    4- When nearing a snake on land, it begins to perch up at you
    5- Goats will charge at you if threatened
    6- A random encounter can happened where you are challenged to a horse race, if you horse is in a terrible condition(very dirty, over or underweight etc) this encounter will never happen.
    7- Ducks and Geese fly in a V-formation
    8- South of Heartland Overflow is a farm, on the map are three small stables next to each other, the bottom stable houses a disturbing scene
    9- South of Valentine, near Castor's Ridge is a small construction site, containing a man and his two sons, throughout the game's story, these three men will build their home, sometimes facing troubles like bandits and wild animals will doing so. You of course can help them.
    10- When carrying a bounty, some bounty hunters will come by and try to steal the bounty, killing you in the process.
    11- All animals have some info when you study them, in Epilogue – Part 2, your dog Rufus has some special info
    12- Attempt to rob someone's saddlebags and the horse will kick you over, do it twice and you'll die. Tip is to calm the horse first.
    13- You can perform chores in your camp, this is an easy way to gain honour

  3. thanks for spoiling who the traitor is!
    your justification is that its been out over a year but as you know it hasn't come out on pc yet.
    so fricken annoying dude, you've ruin this game for me before i've even had a chance to play it.
    if i could down vote twice i would.


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