Red Dead Redemption 2 – Arthur Tells Sister He's Dying & Is Afraid (Very Sad Cutscene)

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Red Dead Redemption2 2018 The fine art of conversation quest, Arthur Morgan reveals to nun he is dying from TB (Tuberculosis) and tells how he contracted it, for a few $ debt collection, he also talks about his family, life, and that he’s afraid, very sad scene

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Comment (36)

  1. Im not sure if its attention to detail on Rockstars end, or perhaps Im over analyzing this part of the scene – but after Arthur says "Im afraid" (@3:17) and the nun starts talking to him…it seems that Arthurs breathing became more sporadic and shallow, almost like he just wanted to cry and break down there on the spot because for the first time – he heard himself say it out loud. But instead he held it back, and it took a lot.

  2. I spent hours after hours playing as a character who I remotely knew nothing about or why I should care much about him. Then after literally walking in his shoes, I started to like the guy even if he isn't the ideal person. I played some more, got familiar with Arthur Morgan and began seeing him as an actual person. You start to feel for him. That's when Rockstar says fuck you and reveals Arthur has an illness. Now things are complicated by the fact your character isn't doing well. He starts to have a change of heart in his life as the old ways of the world are slowly changing. It's like he's being expunged from the world, the last cowboy who ultimately ended up redeeming himself to earn a spot in the hearts of millions. Arthur Morgan is quite simply a legend.

  3. I got a sooty buckskin dutch warmblood
    Her name was Krista
    She was my first playthrough horse
    Sadly , I got none of the save that has her in it
    Silly me
    I miss her everyday and every moment I play this game

  4. I died one time but didnt saved program and I returned to before new world chapter. I can't be brave to die. and Sadie, still waiting in saint Denis, she for jhon 😉 but thats cool, without tuberculosis could be discover to map … And ofcourse for honor because I couldn't die from mfckr sneak's hand… To the my face with bullet

  5. I die one time but don't save and return to before new world…. So I can't be brave to die and still wait in saint Denis Sadie for jhon 😉 but thats cool, without tuberculosis could be discover to map …

  6. The best scene in the whole Red Dead series for me. You can have the missions attacking the Braithewaite manor and John and Uncle's last stand, watch Jack avenge his father or John avenge Arthur, Arthur thank his horse and look Dutch in the eye and tell him "I gave you all I had" but this for me is the moment when Red Dead Redemption 2 not only hit its peak, but also the moment Arthur Morgan became the greatest video game character of the 21st century.


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