Red Dead Redemption 2 – Artificial Intelligence Achievement – The Bright Bouncing Boy (Marko Dragic)

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Artificial Intelligence Achievement/Trophy Guide – The Bright Bouncing Boy – You discovered the fate of Marko Dragic. (Stranger Mission Strand) – Robot & Electric Lantern

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This is a Stranger Mission strand available upon reaching Chapter 4 and is located in Saint Denis.

Part 1: See Marko Dragic near the pond on the southwest of Saint Denis between the hours of 6am – 6pm. Talk to him and complete his small boating mission.
Part 2: The next section can only be started once at least 24 hours of in-game time have passed. Feel free to stay in a hotel or camp and sleep to pass the time. Next, visit Marko in Doverhill (North of Annesburg) between the hours of 10pm – 5am, with an active thunderstorm. The thunderstorm should automatically happen if you meet all the previous conditions as you ride your horse into the area. Go inside his building and talk to him. The next part will have you placing 3 lightning conductors based on the blinking light. Then return to him, go up the ladder to the tower as he instructs you, and choose the levers Right, Left, Middle to solve it easily, talking to him again to conclude part2
Part 3: 48 hours of in-game time must pass. Feel free to sleep it off in the Annesburg hotel (accessed through gunsmith). Now, head back to his lab in Doverhill, to see the conclusion of the quest. Pick up the item, and unlock the achievement.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Artificial Intelligence Achievement – The Bright Bouncing Boy (Marko Dragic)

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  1. I just got my trophy thanks to your video, unfortunately it appears I can't pick up the lantern. Playing on PS4, 'L2' to pick it up doesn't work for me.


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