Red Dead Redemption 2 CPU Benchmark – Best CPUs for Red Dead Redemption2 on PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC benchmarked for CPU performance, including new and old Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs. We also talk BIOS issues and stuttering …

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  1. Watch our RDR2 GPU benchmark here! – we have a graphics explanation guide coming up for the game next!
    To further elaborate on the 9700K: It's not a "framerate cap" here, but an engine FPS threshold where performance tanks if insufficient threads are present, but performance is still high. Both a thread deficit and high framerate are needed to encounter this, hence the uniqueness of the bug. Because high perf & medium thread count is an uncommon combination (the 9700K is among the only ones), the bug is more interesting than most. There's a limitation of threads that affects it. That's why the 8T older CPUs are fine, but the 9700K isn't — those aren't fast enough to hit the engine threshold. This is a two-part issue. GTA V had that issue w/ 6T CPUs, but not 12T CPUs (8700K).
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  2. Pagefile determine the amount of data RAM can carry, initial should be your actual ram you have and max is the amount it can store for later use. Best way to do this if you have money is to have a separate SSD hard drive dedicated to only pagefilem, the bigger the better.

  3. Other than day 1 trying to launch the game I have had zero issues with RDR2 .
    Asus Strix Z-370-G
    I7 9700k @Turbo
    Msi RTX 2080 Trio
    HyperX Fury [email protected]
    Thermaltake 750w toughpower
    Only issue I had day one was the game not launching due too HDR. I turned on HDR in windows 10, Boom, I got too the game menu, turned off HDR in RDR2 settings. Exit, turn off HDR in w10. Good too go. Zero issues with nearly 100hrs of game time. Was likely a driver issue, and not mobo specific. Good Day

  4. I'm using i7-6850k and 1080ti on win8.1 (using vulkan). I maxed all settings at 1440p and I'm getting 27-35fps. Story mode is playable tbh. No freezes, it just feels like 27fps. If I use the optimised settings from Hardware Unboxed I get 52-85fps (avg 70ish) and it feels pretty smooth. My cpu sits at 52C with a H100i, and the gpu fan is quite loud. I'm also running a minecraft server in the background, people occasionally connect to it while I'm playing rdr2 lol. No idea what their experience is like, no complaints so far.

  5. How the hell i'm running this at 40 FPS
    1080p all maxed, only water is 3/4 and no taa.
    Palit GTX 1080 Amp extreme 8gb vram
    i5 4690k
    8gb ddr3 ram.
    Needed to do some tweaks for stability issues.
    GPU clock -20 Hz
    GPU mem clock -40 Hz
    GPU fans 100 %
    Use CPU lasso to limit 1 thread for 2% for 1 s.
    Clear settings folder in c, users, app data etc. (Leave only system.ini cuz this remembers your settings)
    When usage spike to 100 %

    If i dont do this game crash after 60 s.
    I have around 40 FPS.
    I can reach 60 FPS with medium high settings, but game is 2 damn georgeus and stilo smoother than PS4 pro version ive played B4.

  6. You have to be sick in the head to lower the settings. It is not realistic! And than kids will say that this CPU is better for this game… Bulshit. Settings should be as high as possible or testing with different settings

  7. Ya… but it is only on the intel cpu… so is it game engine issue… or something up with the way the cpu is working which isn't jiving right? The port was based on a console game… with AMD cpu… so… you do the math.

  8. there are a minium system req (low fps)
    medium (201xx cpu gpu)
    and high ultra. 2017-2019 cpu gpu and a lot of ram.
    choose youre path in MONEY. startup errors from rockstar. or just wait for codex patch and play it offline (no piracy doh) just play it witouth rockstar annoying just a few more gigabyte patches before you START up/ begin s. it is so big as it had to have a new fast pcie 4.0 nve ssd drive to install from on and a 300mb-10gb (altibox) to run good. good enough ? better ?? so removing some files to bd r xl 100gb 128 (300gb) it would be downloaded FAST. since x570-p has 2.5gb in speed. now at 500 mb later ill go for 1gb 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 .but 10 gb are to exspensive for me EVER. 149 000 nok.

  9. I have a MSI MS-7797 motherboeard with a I7 3770 processor, 16 GB DDR3 Ram and a Geforce 1050 TI from Gigabite on windows 10, and it worked the first time for me after download.
    I even have pretty good graphics.

  10. why are the lows so bad on all non hyper threaded ones? doesn't make any sense. the 2600K 4c/8t has much better lows than the 8c/8t 9700k. thats insane if u think about it. is there something i miss here?


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