Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs & Cultural References

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs & Cultural References

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  1. At some point before chapter 3 Arthur says Dutch isn’t the type of man to hide in a cave and cower. And I believe in the first game when you kill Dutch he’s found in a cave correct me if I’m wrong

  2. I knew it from the start that the train part was straight from one of my favorite movies THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSIE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD very underrated film but very very very good ive been watching it since i was six and till now so 8 years of that movie and that scene in my head so i was so happy on that part

  3. There is also another Easter egg! The revolver you can find in GTA 5 is John’s, since his wife (Abigail) did not like his crimes. It was Buried at the start of Johns chapter in RDR 2. 2+2=4-1 that's 3 qwikmafs

  4. I think RDR2 hints at Michael in gta 5 being a traitor. When you talk to Tilly about Ms. Grimshaw they talked about murder not being allowed, except for one guy but it was because he's a traitor.

  5. In the mission where you escort Penelope to the train station to leave with Beau. If you take Penelope to the outhouse with the girl in it she will tell you it’s her cousin and they locked her in there because the world is cruel


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